Awakening to Your True Identity

From – Spiritual Discernment: The Healing Consciousness
(aka- 1978 Letters)
Excerpt of Chapter 4 – Immortality Unveiled
By Joel Goldsmith

Awakening to Your True Identity

It is only when enough light reaches your consciousness that you begin to perceive what the Master meant when he said, “My kingdom is not of this world. …I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” When you begin to question what the Master meant by “My kingdom,” and the “meat to eat that ye know not of,” through seeking and through bringing yourself into the atmosphere of those who have attained some measure of wisdom, either through personal contact or through their writings, a sentence here or a sentence there will awaken something in you, and suddenly you perceive that there is a hidden manna. Then you are getting somewhere. You are on the path of withinness, on the path of the inner kingdom.
As you continue, you arrive at a place where you realize, “Oh, there is Something more to me than ‘me’. There is a Presence. I feel It. Sometimes It talks to me, sometimes It just directs or leads me, points the way in which I am to go. There is a ‘me’, but there is Something else, too. I am aware of some good coming into my experience that I did not earn, deserve, or prove worthy of; it just came by Grace. In many different ways I begin to see there is Something. In time It begins to impart Itself to me, and I recognize as Paul did that this Presence in me is really living my life.”
By the time you get to a point where trouble was expected, the trouble is all gone. By the time you get to the place where you thought your supply would run out, you find a fresh supply. By the time you thought you had no friends, you make a new one. Something is going before you and doing strange and beautiful things in your life. Doors that were closed are opening; persons are appearing with a different opinion of you, a different thought of you. Something is happening.
You are aware now that a Presence goes before you to “make the crooked places straight,” or a Presence goes with you and protects you. It may be in your car, driving; it may be anywhere; but all of a sudden you have the assurance, “Fear not! Fear not! I am with you.” You find that it is true, no matter what the danger is, no matter what the discord is, no matter what the misunderstanding is, it passes.
Scripture says, “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” Now you are beginning to be aware there is a He within you. Whether Jesus calls It “the Father that dwelleth in me,” or Paul calls it “the Christ indwelling,” the name is not important. You know there is a Something, a Presence. It does wonderful things for you, and in proportion as you relax from taking thought for your life and stop fearing does this Presence take over more and more, until the day comes when someone may say to you, “Can I give you something? Can I lend you something? Can I do something for you? Then you answer, “Oh, I have meat. I have all that is necessary,” because now you have the understanding that you are one with the Father and all that the Father has is yours. From that moment your gaze is taken from the outer world, and you are no longer dependent on “man, whose breath is in his nostrils.

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