From – Awakening Mystical Consciousness
By Joel Goldsmith
Excerpt – Chap.7
Page 116

Do Not Try to Become Free of Persons or Conditions

Healing is all based on not judging by appearances, not putting value in concepts, but in every case realizing, “You are an effect and you have not power.” Never try to become free from anyone or anything. No person in reality has any power, and this truth will be your freedom. You will not be free from anything or anybody, but you will be free the very minute you know there never was power in a condition, a circumstance, or a person. They you will find yourself as free as you are free from the water on the desert once you know it is not water but only mirage.
When you are free from the mirage on the desert, you have not become free from water because there was no water there. So it is when you discover you are free from person or condition; it is not really true because there never was a menacing or dangerous person or condition there. You are free now from a mirage, from a belief that there is a power, a person, or a presence outside of God. Every person is the presence of God because God is present as person, as individual you or me.
You are not separate and apart from God and, through this work, going to get back to God. Through this work, you are going to awaken out of the dream that there can be any separation. If you have been dreaming you are drowning in the ocean, awakening does not take the water away from you; and it does not take you out of the ocean. It reveals to you that you are in bed. So this work never takes you out of sin, disease, or lack. It wakes you up, and then you look around and realize you are in heaven. You have been there all the time, dreaming you were in hell.
As long as you are seeing a person or a condition as having power and are judging good and evil, you are in the dream. The moment you can withdraw your judgment and realize, “You are neither good nor evil; you are neither dead nor alive; you are neither rich nor poor: you are Spirit,” you are waking up, out of the dream, to the mystical consciousness of oneness. When that realization comes, the dream is no longer there. This is something that must be done individually as well as collectively.
This truth that I am giving you has been revealed throughout the ages many times and in many ways, and it is a truth that will make people free. We could be free of sins, disease, wars, lacks, and limitations right now if we could be made to accept this truth.