From – Our Spiritual Resources
By Joel Goldsmith
“Mind is the Substance & Activity of the Body”

Most physical problems are in some way related to the organs and functions of the body, and whenever such a problem is presented, the treatment must include the truth that mind is the substance of the bodily organs and functions. There is not a cell of the body – not a cell of the bones, the flesh, or the blood – that is not a center of intelligence, which it could not be unless its very nature were mind. The secret is not mind over matter, but mind formed as matter.
The organs and functions of the body are not something separate and apart from the mind. Therefore, it is of little value merely to try to improve the body, unless first of all we understand the activity of the mind. If anyone for a moment believes that the organs and functions of his body are not responding to the activity of his mind, he has not yet awakened to the basic truth of metaphysical practice, which is, that mind is the substance of the body.
An intelligent, efficacious treatment must include the truth that mind activates the organs and functions of the body, that mind flexes and relaxes the muscles of the body, and that the body of itself can do nothing or be nothing.
The mind prepares the way for every experience that comes to us, even though, as truth-students, we are prone to ignore the Master’s statement that as ye sow so shall ye reap, and to feel in our egotism that this really was not meant to apply to us. But let us not fool ourselves. The body carries out the directions of the mind, and what the body does must first be thought, or accepted, in mind.
This is not to be interpreted as meaning that if lack is being experienced, it is because of a thought of lack, or that if an automobile accident occurs, there has been a conscious thought of an automobile accident. It is not quite as simple as that because what is in operation in the world is an impersonal universal mesmerism, which has been foisted upon us and accepted in the mind from infancy. These universal beliefs, which constitute this mesmerism, act upon the body through the mind and must be recognized as no power because of the allness of God and our oneness with that All.