In the talk we use today Joel shares this:

Now, with this in mind then, and I’ll assume for a minute that you’re going to prove this conclusively for yourself, then the next step is the recognition that the entire world is suffering not from its sins, not from the sins of its leaders, whether it’s a Board of Directors, or whether it’s Stalin or his successor, or whether it’s any of the other dictators who have come on the scene, or any of the ideologies that have gummed up mankind. That’s not what we’re suffering from. We’re suffering from the carnal mind having been accepted as a power. That’s all. When we nullify that, it is just like this. If we cut off the electricity, the bulbs are dead. If we cut off carnal mind, there are no instruments for carnal mind that can operate. They’re dead. So, we don’t go around murdering dictators that we don’t like or fighting ideologies that we don’t like, because as fast as you cut their head off, another one will spring up, in fact two will spring up in their place. But, we go behind it and cut off the electricity and then watch what happens to these ideologies and the people who propound them, and that’s the only way harmony can be restored. 

Excerpt, tape 215A, Joel S. Goldsmith


Why does Joel come back to this nullifying two powers?

If you look at what you believe in as an awakening consciousness, you see that continuously you balance between the idea of two powers, a God Power within and a power outside of you that is ‘doing’ all kind of things to you.

Do you need to fight the power without? Is it a real temptation? As long as you value it you will.

Is there truly something condemning you? If you are One, what can possibly attack and condemn you, except in your Adamic dream of separation?

As an awakening consciousness it dawns on you that actually nothing is outside your consciousness and so there is no threat.

Is it then attractive to wake up out of this dualistic Adamic dream and see your ‘world’ dissolve? Would that be fun? Is that the reason why many don’t want to wake up? Are you afraid of losing the ‘little pleasures’ that you have?


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