Today we use “Christ Realized Precedes Treatment”, the Private 25 tape from Joel S. Goldsmith to come to a new vision what Joel means when he uses the idea: “Material Sense”. Does ‘material sense’ have to do with things and desire for things or what is this actually about? Did you ever think of material sense as everything related to time and space? What exactly does this have to do with Christ Realized?


In order to open your consciousness for what is given in this class we use meditation, active prayer as a means to be aligned. This prayer we use:

Text of the prayer in the meditation

Music in this video is from Joshua Otter Rivers and Wim

Preparation for listening

The second part of the Tape Group is preparing to listening to Joel. Before we start to listen to the tape you receive a whole new way of looking at the idea of Material Sense. Listen to this:

Just for your information