The Instrument of truth I classes have been an amazing discovery for many in the last couple of months. A possibility to practice letting Truth express Itself through you.

Instrument of Truth 2

This class is designed for ‘getting the taste’ of becoming an instrument for healing or teaching. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Sharing the joy and extending the light is a real possibility when teaching and healing. Isn’t that incredible! This time you have the possibility to take the next step. You can experience the joy of extending yourself as a whole part of the Love of God. 

August 24th 2022 we start with the new series. A series of 8 classes in which we use our own transformational process as a basis for ways of expression. In fact the classes are a way to expand the tools of expression. Growing your certainty and enjoyment of expressing yourself. And above all: learning to LISTEN to Truth, It speaks to you all through the day.

What I mean is this. One week in class we use spiritual scripture (poems, prayers or text or lessons)that really moves you as inspiration for expression. From the Infinite Way, A Course in Miracles and more, as long as it moves you! We did this also in the Instrument of Truth 1 classes. The other week we use the same scripture that moves you as inspiration to make an artistic/playful/improvisation expression and share that in class. Direct expressed in class or as a video, image or audio you made of your expression process.

For who is this?

As you have discovered: there is no limit in the individual expression of Truth, this is for everyone wanting to become or continuing being active, in letting Truth express Itself through you. If you want to step in an intensive program for your awakening to the Truth and Love that you are, here it is. Do you have to be an artist? No not at all, you discover you with your willingness to let Truth, are able to move mountains.

When will this happen?

We start August 24th 2022 at noon Central Time, this is an online series. Find your time here.

24th of August 2022INTRODUCTION – Spiritual ScriptureNoon Central Time
31st AugustArtistic expressionNoon Central Time
7th SeptemberSpiritual ScriptureNoon Central Time
14 SeptemberArtistic expressionNoon Central Time
21 SeptemberSpiritual ScriptureNoon Central Time
28 SeptemberArtistic expressionNoon Central Time
5 OctoberSpiritual ScriptureNoon Central Time
12 OctoberArtistic expression – CELEBRATIONNoon Central Time

We meet here

The link to the online Classroom is: . If you never used Zoom software or app, make sure to download it before the class starts, this makes it easier to connect.


The classes of Iwihub are without charge. A voluntary donation is asked of you to consider. The suggested donation of this class is $120 for 8 classes of 1,5 hrs.

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Instrument of truth 2

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