In this Tape group we listen to talk 216A of Joel S Goldsmith. It doesn’t have a real title but if I had to give one it would be: Material Sense Destructed. Joel gives us clear instruction about what not to do and how not to think in order to come to the place that is governed by grace. No need to become an activist to save the world or anything of that order. But what then, you might ask. Joel shares, resist not evil. Lay down your arms. To mention one thing: this talk is so to the point if you are looking for ways to allow a change to the world you see.


The Tape group we start with a meditation. This time it is a Psalm that is being prayed. Inspired by the Psalms of David according to the King James Version, this is Psalm 1. This is part of a Psalm bundle (in the making) “Psalms of Love” by Wim Haverkamp.


A short introduction before we listen to the Tape of Joel S. Goldsmith, tape 216A. The daily practice, for every day. What is required? Is it enough?