Just that you know. The Healing – Music – Light Sessions are continuing in June and July 2022. Right ofter the Instruments of Truth Healing/ Teaching Class we start with the Music Light Session.

The Music HEALING LIGHT SESSIONS are taking place on Wednesdays at 1 PM Central Time USA  (FIND YOUR TIME HERE)

For Who?

Join this Wednesday!!

For you, just wanting to 'take a break' and allow some healing. 
for you who perceive limitation of any kind, 
for you Infinite Way student, 
for you bathing in Grace, for you teacher of God,
for you Course in Miracles student, For you Reiki practitioner, 
for you light worker, for you miracle worker, 
for you energy worker, ALL ARE WELCOME!!

How to join?

This is an online ZOOM event. You join online by using this link: