Just to see the context of the upcoming classes INSTRUMENT OF TRUTH here is an inspiring reference of Joel S. Goldsmith, that I would like to share.

Now let us see this in its right light. If we can forget the world and our duties to the world, and our obligations to the world or to anyone else, and realize that we have only one obligation, and that is to make and maintain our God contact, to commune so many times a day that ultimately the light dawns; then it naturally follows that those will be attracted to us who are seeking that which we have. And some will be attracted for the loaves and fishes, which is all right too, because they too open up in other ways. Others will be attracted because of the influence that this brings into their lives, or into their jobs, or positions, or economic strata, or political, or art, literature. And in that way then, you become an influence in the world. And with some, it will be as a practitioner doing healing work and teaching work, and sending others out into the work. With others though, it will be in such a way that the spiritual import of life finds an outlet through their writings. It makes no difference whether they are books or plays or newspaper articles, or whether it is some form of art that may come through, or some form of music”. 

excerpt from: Joel S. Goldsmith in tape 162A – Establish God Realization 

This is an important inspiration for the new upcoming classes “INSTRUMENT OF TRUTH”. This new class series starts this Wednesday, the 8th of June 2022. The light of your individual recognition of the truth of Who you are shines through you into the world. In a certain way. To discover how it works through you is great for the expansion of your Self-awareness. The light finds expression through you, is a matter of fact. You are a whole part of the love of God. The new class series is a help to dive deeper into this and discover the way Love speaks through you.