om – The Mystical I  P. 33   

By Joel Goldsmith         

                                The Imparting I

I in the midst of you is mighty, but the moment you create an image, you have I and an image. Therefore, do not have any “I” but the I that you declare: I. Be satisfied with the word I. Some day you will hear the Voice say to you, “I,” and when It does you will know that you have come face to face with God. You have come to know God aright. But you will not be able to tell your neighbor about it, or your child, your husband, your wife, or your parents, because that would be trying to bring I down to the intellect again, down to the mind.

        If I succeed in imparting I to you through this work, it will be because I have realized that I am not a man or a teacher, but that I am divine Presence; and also because you have been drawn to this work by I to receive I, to receive the unveiling of the I which you are. Both of these are necessary.

        In writing of the unveiling of God, the unveiling of Truth, you might think that there is a God that could be unveiled and set before you. Such is not the case. The “unveiling” reveals nothing that can be seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled, nothing that can be thought or reasoned, and therefore it should not seem strange that in order to know Him aright you must come to a place in consciousness where you know nothing, the place of unknowing.