In our “Private 25” tape group we just had our second session. Like every session we start with the meditation, see below. Then there is a moment of teaching. This time we saw the first 10 minutes of the talk of Joel s. Goldsmith in tape 154A, was so full of inspiration, that we went into the deep with “Spiritual Illumination” see the talk below.

Spiritual Illumination reveals that we are not mortals, not even humans, but that we are pure spiritual beings, divine consciousness, Self sustaining light, all-inclusive mind. This light destroys the illusion of personal sense”.

Joel Goldsmith in his 154 A talk

This was in session followed by listening together to the first half hour of tape 154A: ‘The Nature and Activity of the Infinite Way‘, by Joel S. Goldsmith.

The Meditation

The Teaching ‘ Spiritual Illumination’

Tape 154A