Joel Goldsmith says in book ‘the Parenthesis in Eternity’ (Acropolis Books): “this world is not to be feared or hated or loved; this is the illusion, and right where the illusion is, is the kingdom of God, My kingdom

This sentence is the start of our joined moment of meditation because it continues in a contemplative prayer. We let it be revealed to us what this means, what this is.

Text of our prayer from the “Parenthesis in Eternity”

The Meditation

The Introduction to listening

The second part of the tape group is an introduction to the tape that we will be listening to. The part of the text that is used as an introduction is an instructive part that Joel Goldsmith shares with us. He says: “we present a principle, and then it is accepted or rejected.” And then: ” Teach, share, reveal, but do not enter discussions“. So for listeners, students and teachers it is always helpful to be mindful, to not enter into a response if someone wants to enter into discussion. Not out of a “socially accepted” habit. What is presented in a spiritual teaching reveals itself in consciousness.

Joel says it this way: ” It is the spiritual word that unfolds and discloses itself within our own consciousness. That is the word that comes with power.

Tape 154 B Contemplative Meditation, Acropolis Books


The Tape

For those who want to listen to the part 3 of this class, here is a reference to the tape 154B of Joel S. Goldsmith.