How does Joel S. Goldsmith use the idea of EGO in his teaching and how does that relate to EGO in A Course in Miracles? This and more today in the report of an online class. Miracle sessions is an online class with various subjects and resources facilitated by Wim H.

My Experience

In this video report of the online class I share my experience. The reason that I do that is this. From a deep and loving experience of joining I came in touch with A Course in Miracles and The Infinite Way (meeting an amazing friend who was a direct student of Joel S. Goldsmith) In other words all of this started for me in a bright and ecstatic relationship where Oneness invited inclusion and joining and nothing else. This is how I can share both teachings in the Light of Oneness and total dedication.

A Parenthesis in Eternity – Ego reference

Even between husbands and wives, parents and children, there is conflict, and the conflict is always a battle for the supremacy of the ego. Each one wants to be something of himself, and that something enters into conflict with the something of the other self. So it is that throughout the human scene there has always been conflict. True, there is an appearance of peace, but as long as each one has a self of his own, he will be catering to that ego, trying … There may be many forms, but back of the forms there is the One. True peace can be established between us only when there is a subjugating of the ego in the realization that there is but one Ego, but one Self, and God is that Ego, that Self, and God constitutes the Self of every individual. Now instead of being in conflict with one … Now for a moment try to visualize a branch of a tree that is cut off, set off by itself, having no relationship with the tree whatsoever, and you will understand what is meant by twoness. Moreover, were it possible for any one part of the tree to have an ego, … You’re getting old.” But it is not natural at all from the spiritual standpoint. It is natural only because he has been feeding his ego, and believing that he, of himself, is something, when the truth is that he is something only because he is one with the Tree of Life. Those who are living the ego-life are fighting or competing with one another, trying to supersede or be better than another, richer or more beautiful, … The ego-man, the man of earth, is always asserting himself in the world: discussing, arguing, striving, competing, fighting. The contemplative, the man of God, may be out in the world doing whatever his work may be, but mentally and spiritually he is at home within his own being. The contemplative does not withdraw from an active life; in fact, he may become increasingly active.

[ref. Ch XXVIII – The Tree of Life by Joel S. Goldsmith, Acropolis Books]