Welcome to day 20 of 40 Days to Christ’s Second Coming. Halfway of our 40 day commitment to truth. Today I want to share some pretty direct questions to consider and a totally loving answer will be in the audio that is presented: The Savior’s Vision.


  • Is it not evident that what the body’s eyes perceive FILLS YOU WITH FEAR? 

Perhaps you think you find a hope of satisfaction there. Perhaps you fancy to attain some peace and satisfaction in the world as YOU perceive it.

  • Is it not strange that you should cherish still some hope of satisfaction from the world you see? 

In NO respect, at ANY time or place, has ANYTHING but fear and guilt been your reward. 

  • How long is needed for you to realize the chance of CHANGE in this regard is hardly worth delaying change that might result in better outcome?
  • Can it make sense to hold the fixed belief that there IS reason to uphold pursuit of what has ALWAYS failed, on grounds that it will suddenly succeed, and bring what it has NEVER brought before?
  • Who hangs an empty frame upon a wall, and stands before it, deep in reverence, as if a masterpiece were there to see?
  • Reference: A Course in Miracles Urtext Manuscripts Ch 25C, excerpt.


After considering the questions above what arises? First of all I am not always aware what I am accepting as normal, but what is not making any sense at all. Secondly I feel a deep desire to see this in a different way.

I accept the Savior’s Vision in exchange to my hanging on to what will never work. Are you with me? So what is this Savior’s Vision you ask… Listen to this..


The Savior’s Vision here

The Savior’s Vision

Ref. Urtext Manuscripts Chapter 31G, Miracles in Action Press 2008.

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