Today, another opportunity to be deeply honest. Honestly looking at the thoughts and ideas that are so “common”, but are they really? In the process of waking up that is taking place in you, cause and effect are shifting.

  • First you thought that something outside of you can determine who you are and now the idea is landing that you are the cause of this. In your perception of yourself and the world you start to get use to the idea that what you see is an appearance, a reflection, not reality. This is a realization that is of great help in putting cause and effect where it belongs. The next part of the lesson then is that it knows no exceptions. All situations you experience yourself in and everything you ‘see’ in your world originates in you, there is no outside cause.. indeed: what was I thinking!!
  • A question: who would react to figures in a dream, UNLESS he sees them as if they were real?
  • Does this apply to ‘others’ doing something to me? Is there no one outside myself that can do anything to me?
  • Why is this a lesson in deliverance?


From chapter 27 “The Body and the Dream”* you can listen to a section: The “hero” of the dream, read by Wim H.

It will tell you all about the ONE INCLUSIVE LESSON OF DELIVERANCE that you have to learn in order to know your true Identity. In other words, if you want your pain and suffering to end, this is the way to go!

The ‘HERO’ of the dream, read by WimH.
The ‘hero’ of the dream.

From ch 27 I, of A Course in Miracles Urtext Manuscripts, Miracles in Action Press 2008