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Joel S. Goldsmith speaks to us today in this excerpt:

CHAPTER THREE: MARCH The Practice of Spiritual Healing

To be successful in spiritual healing, it is necessary to come out and be separate -to adopt a clear principle from which there is no deviation. In order to be free and to free others, you yourself must know the nature of spiritual healing.
The correct premise for healing is that God constitutes individual being, individual you and me; God constitutes your being and mine; and there is nothing which can defile that pure spiritual being. There is no cause save one: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.” 1 Spiritual healing cannot be based on the fact that there is something to be removed and that, in order to remove it, you must find its cause and then get rid of its effect.
Nowhere in the New Testament does the Master indicate that there is a mental cause for physical disease; nowhere does he say to anyone, “You are ill because of this, that, or the other thing”; nowhere does he say that you are being held in bondage to … It is difficult to attain this higher state of consciousness in which life is spiritually lived until one has been through the preliminary step of understanding that mind is the substance of the physical body and that mind imbued with truth will result in a completely transformed body.
Relation of Spiritual Living to Spiritual Healing Spiritual healing and spiritual living are inseparable; they go hand in hand. The source of healing is the consciousness of the individual who is at the moment acting as practitioner. Let it be understood that, if the effect is to be pure, the source must be kept free and pure. Naturally, the best results will flow forth from the purest consciousness, and therefore a person expecting to bring about healing must live up to certain standards before this can be accomplished. Students should give serious study to the chapter on “The Healing Ministry” in The Master Speaks.

Excerpt The Heart of Mysticism: March 1958, The Practice of Spiritual Healing
Joel S. Goldsmith.