Today Joel Goldsmith pays us a visit in our 40 Days to Resurrection. To know God aright is what comes to the table. Feel free to read more in the free PDF download below or listen to the talk in the video attached.

I am not in the body, the body is in me.  The body is within me and subject to my government and control, just the same as my pocketbook is.  My pocketbook doesn’t find itself wandering all over the streets and doing what it wants to do – it seems to remain completely under control.  

So should the body!  And the body does, in proportion as you have realised “I”. And “I” am not in the body; I am the law unto the body. I have been given God-given dominion over the body.  I am the substance of the form of my body.  My body is the out picturing of the state of my consciousness, and if my body isn’t looking as good as it should or feel as good as it should, it is out picturing my state of consciousness and I must do something about my state of consciousness. 

What can I do about my state of consciousness?  Humanly nothing – although there are those who through psychology try to make themselves better than they are; other people try to affirm themselves into heaven – but in the last analysis you can’t do it. In the last analysis you lift your consciousness by realising that it is “I” and “I” is not a human being of limited vision, “I” is the very offspring of God, the Christ of God, the child of God – God’s own Selfhood individually expressing Itself or expressing Itself individually. 

“I” is not human, “I” is Divine.  “I” does not have to control the body by conscious thinking or psychological beliefs. “I” left to itself, governs the body. “I” – well “I” knew enough to form this body. Therefore “I” know enough to govern this body and maintain it and sustain it.  And what is my part?  Realising that truth. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  What truth do you need to know?  “To know Him aright is life eternal.”  And that’s how you get an eternal body, an immortal body – by knowing God aright. 

How can you know God aright?  Discover your true identity. Learn who “I” am. Learn why the Master asked that question. “Who do men say that I am? And then – Who do ye say that I am?”  Why did He phrase the question differently?  Why did He switch from “Who do men say that I am?” to “Whom do ye say that I am?”  Because He knew there had to be two different answers.  Men would just look at Him and see Him as the young Yeshua whom they knew to be the carpenter’s son, or Mary’s son, or the carpenter or the Hebrew rabbi. Because He went through all those stages.  But when He asked “Whom do ye say?” He was looking for an enlightened consciousness to answer, and He got the answer. “Thou art the Christ.”  

Download Here the PDF: The Secret of the Resurrection, Joel S. Goldsmith