Rosicrucian Digest April 1948, article by Joel S. Goldsmith

What Must We Do?
    Then what must we do in order to receive the Light that results in what we call healing? We must listen for the “still small voice.” We must trust the truth that Mind, being perfect, its manifestation, its creation, must be equally so, and, appearances to the contrary, we will not see Lazarus as dead, or the blind man as blind, or the accident as happening, but in all things we will know that harmony is. And we will stand fast.    What if in the silent moments no thought comes to assure us? What matter. The work has been done just as truly, perhaps more so than if we made declarations, or stated truths endlessly. We are not doing the healing, and Mind needs no words for its operations. The earth was created by the Word, but was it an audible Word? Who heard it? If, however, thoughts do come slowly, or in a pouring stream of Truth, from that inner Self to our outer consciousness, we have seen God “Face to face,” we have heard His angel, we have talked with Him on the mount.    We need more faith in God, in Truth, as a living Presence and Power. This will enable us to let go of our mental work and rest more in the Christ Consciousness, in the calm sweet assurance of the perfection and harmony of God and His infinite manifestation, of the completeness of Mind and all its ideas, of the peace and joy of Love and its reflection. The health, wealth, Life and Love of God is forever present in the idea, man or body. That which is perfect in Being, is perfect in manifestation, because Mind and its manifestation is one.    The ideal treatment, therefore, is to establish in our consciousness the at-one-ment which Christ Jesus knew in the realization that “I and my Father are one.” When we realize this point, we lose all fear and doubt. In this consciousness, we truly say with the Master: “I can of mine own self do nothing, but the Father within me, He doeth the works.”    Rising above the sense of self as a personal practitioner with a personal patient, we enter the Christ Consciousness that says: “He that seeth me seeth Him that sent me,” and therefore, “The things that are impossible with men are possible with God.    Argument does not heal. It is the Christ (Truth) in consciousness which heals. The affirmative state of consciousness is one which, without mental effort, establishes at-one-ment with God.    The dawning of the Christ confers a state of consciousness that is a state of Grace. The state of Grace is that state of consciousness that has come to recognize that divine Love does not have to be used as a greater power to destroy any lesser power. It knows that no lesser power exists. God is the only power. It is the state of consciousness that needs no denying of error—it is the perfect state of consciousness.