Happy Easter to you!. I am so happy you joined the 40 Days to Resurrection. This is you opportunity to let resurrection be your personal experience. In fact we will be de-mystifying this idea of what we made of it and recognize it as our own occurrence, revelation. Jesus is not holy-er than you are. You are very holy since you are directly in Communication with what Is. There is no place where the Father ends and the Son begins.

Joel S. Goldsmith says it this way on Easter morning: “It may not be on the day called Easter Day. Each one of us has his own Easter Day; each one of us has an actual moment of experience which he is resurrected, in which the ‘old man’s us is dead, and there is a three-day period after which I raise up this temple again. And then there is the longer period of preparation for the final experience of ascension above mortality, ascension into Christhood, even while here on earth”. (Living by the Word ch 4)

Biblical reference from the Aramaic English Bible:

But on the eve of the Sabbath, when the first of the week was dawning, Maryam Magdalitha and the other Maryam came to see the tomb. And behold there was a great earthquake, for The Angel of THE LORD JEHOVAH descended from Heaven, and he came, he rolled the stone from the entrance and sat upon it.And his appearance was like lightning and his clothing was white as snow. And from dread of him, those who were keeping watch were shaken, and they became like dead men. But the Angel answered and said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are seeking Yeshua, who was crucified.” “He is not here, for he is raised just as he said; come see the place in which our Lord was laid.” “And go quickly; say to his disciples that he has risen from the grave, and behold, he goes before you to Galilee; there you will see him; behold I have told you.”

So this resurrection has everything to do with you, it didn’t happen to someone else. In this 40 days to resurrection this your chance to let this be revealed to you. This is happening for you. How amazing.


Today the first class of the series Miracle Healers Intensive is starting. This is another possibility to come into the experience of resurrection. The recognition that at the end of your self-observation as you are used to from your human reference, to become free of the mis-identification and come into the direct Extension of your Christhood.

The class starts at 1pm CSTUSA (Chicago Time) and you can USE THIS LINK to enter into the classroom. The video of the class will be available this week. You can watch it on the YouTube/iwihub channel

Thank you for joining