Rosicrucian Digest April 1948, Joel S. Goldsmith

By Way of the Christ

Spiritual healing is more than the knowing that Mind governs the body, and more than the conforming to some mode or method of mental practice. Spiritual healing begins only when faith in material and mental means has been overcome. In place of mental power, we need spiritual sense; in place of reason, we find the intuitive faculty; and over and above all is consciousness of the presence and power of the Christ. This arrestive statement is a call to students of metaphysics to rise higher in their demonstration of the healing ministry until they reach the point in spiritual understanding which enables them to heal without mental argument, through the Christ Consciousness.
To understand treatment or healing through silence or the unspoken thought, it must be clear that God, divine mind, is the revelator operating through the Christ Consciousness. It follows that God does not need the help of our spoken word, since the Word itself is His and is without material voice or sound. The Christ Consciousness, which is Truth, needs no audible expression in order to know or make itself known. “For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.”
God and His creation is one—and this one is forever perfect, complete, harmonious, immutable, immortal, spiritual. No amount of declarations will ever change the perfection and eternality of the Divine mind. Mind and its manifestation is one, inseparable and indivisible. We need not, therefore, be concerned about man or conditions, time or place, body or mind, as long as we know that God is ALL—infinite, eternal, and all inclusive.
Mind (God) is all-knowing, therefore, not subject to beliefs of any nature. It never needs correction or the application of Truth, because it is Truth. Divine mind, which includes all of mind’s ideas, is untouched by mortal thinking or believing.
Let us then abandon the attempt to declare truths, and rather let Truth declare itself to us, through us, and as us. In the silence of our consciousness God will pour His healing message into our understanding—not always audibly or visibly perhaps, but in thoughts from the Bible or metaphysical writings; sometimes in Light; at other times in the consciousness of His presence and power. If at times nothing seems to be “coming to us”—even so, the Truth is, and we need do nothing more than to know this, to know that Truth is, is present, is power.
When we know that God is good, we are including in that statement the truth about ourselves, our problems, our conditions, because included in God are we ourselves and all that concerns us.
Healing is not accomplished by our thoughts, by right thinking or by our declarations of Truth. These may sometimes be the channel through which healing is realized, but for spiritual healing, it must be understood that God, Mind, Love, Principle, Truth, alone reveals the harmony of being and body. We need not tell Mind any truths—it is itself all Truth. We need not attempt by thinking to change a condition of body or mind, because the Divine in us already is perfect, complete, harmonious, and is always painless and free. We need not affirm that Love is fearless—Love is fearlessness itself, and even our human fears cannot alter the fact. Our declarations do not make Principle operate for us—Principle is eternal in its operation.