Infinite Spiritual Substance

Let us remember again that this Substance, God, which is individual consciousness, forever expressing Itself and manifesting Itself as the things of this world. Therefore, we never have to worry about what happens to the things of the world. We must live and dwell in the secret place of the most High, dwell in the secret knowledge that we have meat the world does not know of, that we have within us a well-spring of water that will spring forth into life eternal:

I, the divine consciousness of my being am the Infinite spiritual Substance of that which is to appear outwardly as an opportunity, as a sale, as a purchase, as a home, as a companion, as a husband, as a wife. Regardless of what the seeming human need may be, this Infinite Invisible of my own being is forever manifesting Itself in the form necessary, in all the forms, as all the forms, necessary to my unfoldment.

Joel S. Goldsmith
The Master Speaks page 13