Not Intellectually

Not intellectually

The secret is true identity. “Know Thyself” the Greek said. Find in your own being the realization of God as your being, as your substance, as your life, mind and body, and then you will find that the whole world is free. As men awaken to that they come into the same freedom from mortal, material, human limitation, from the sense of finiteness. And all this comes, not through the intellect – not through intellectually hearing this- but through and only through, spiritual discernment.

The Master Speaks,
Joel S. Goldsmith
Page 14


  1. The perfect work is complete.. why take thought? Now, at this very moment, we walk in one Life, in spiritual perfection, in the kingdom not made with hands, and behold the righteousness of pure and perfect omnipresent Spirit! The Lord uttereth His voice and the Earth melted. The grace of truth is flowing, oh what freedom, what liberty!


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