Yes indeed, another class in the series One Consciousness II. Today the central theme is Relationship. We look at it in very different angles and this will help you to recognize your dependencies on others and your opportunity to free yourself from the bondage of your own patterns.

The questions of today are: What does my world out picture? What can I do when I can’t see love in another person? What does it mean to call no one on earth your father? With whom am I spiritually united? How do I recognize that I am still depending on?

The last questions is elaborated in a very specific way, touching the surface of your recognition of patterns or habits that you use to stay dependent on others for your worth and value. We use the “Patterns and Characteristics of Codependents” given us by http://www.CODA.ORG. You can download it here

The Relationship of Oneness, by Joel S. Goldsmith from the book: The Art Of Spiritual Healing. This chapter we use in the video and podcast below.

Freely given by Acropolis Books as a gift to their readers.

Today you can join the class on Youtube and download it as a podcast, see it below:

Check out the podcast here. It is easy to download.

Next week will be an all chapters inclusive meeting online. If you want to join and haven’t signed up yet here is your chance.