The time has come to offer the Level II Practitioner Training, the first group starting in November 2020. In the past three years Iwihub has offered a Practitioner Training and this has helped a lot of students to grow their spiritual awareness. Now it is time to expand the possibilities.


The level II training is designed for you who have discovered the possibility of direct Communication with what Is, by stepping back from your humanhood and let the Light do, through you, what ever needs to occur.

One sure sign that this is happening is that suddenly you feel you are able to be in a field of Consciousness, that deeply inspires you to give and attracts others to you. Your desire to compete and control are diminishing. Maybe you are not sure how this all works but the change in you is obvious.

The Level II training is for example for those with a (energy, body-)healing practice, coaching practice, those that facilitate tape groups or teach for some time in a group setting. Obviously a form is given you to express your newly discovered awareness.

The FORMAT we will use is this. There will be six, one hour online classes and two personal sessions. The group size is 5 participants, this, to have a high level of intensity and presence in the class. The private classes will be available for the participants, they will not be available on YouTube. From the personal sessions you will receive a recording (mp3). The classes will be at noon or 1pm CST USA or at a specific, different time if this works out better for the group.

The CONTENT is growth of my awareness. What happens in my practice now? What is a real stumbling block I have discovered and how do I deal with it? How does my practice grow? What develops when entering a shared space of acceptance and inspiration? How to implement healing principles in your practice and teaching? How can I develop an acceptable language to clients? What will help to develop my trust in my Certainty? Are there limits to healing? How do I develop an income in this practice?


If you sign up you will receive a private link to the Zoom Class and a password to enter the private part of the website, where you can watch and listen to lessons and pose questions or share experiences.

The COST of the Level II Practitioner Training is: $300 pp, (it is possible to pay in increments)

Practitioner Training level II

Thank you for your payment.

300.00 $