You must come to a place in the Middle Path of a kind of indifference to humanhood. You lose all desire to heal; you lose all desire to reform. But a wonderful thing happens. You lose all criticism of people who are living up to your human standards of what is right or wrong. You no longer differentiate between saint and sinner; you no longer differentiate between the good human being and the bad human being because into your vision comes the realization of true identity.

“The Middle Path”, Spiritual Discernment by Joel S. Goldsmith

In the second class of One Consciousness II we use chapter 6 of Spiritual Discernment of Joel S. Goldsmith. This chapter is given us by Acropolis Books as a gift for their readers.

Download the chapter on the Acropolis Books Website.

The questions we went through in the class are presented here as specific topics. At the bottom you find the meditation that we did in class. Please join! Check out the short videos. To download the audio as a podcast see below the presented video’s.

Podcast One Consciousness II: ‘Spiritual Discernment’ , the Middle Path by Wim, Download here the whole class.