Get thee hence..

The biggest temptation that will ever come to us is to believe that one person is good and another evil, whereas no one is good and no one is evil. No human being, in his humanhood, can ever truthfully say that he is spiritual. To claim spirituality as a personal possession is egotism at its height. No one is spiritual; no one is perfect; and no one is evil: God is Spirit and only God is perfect; and evil is impersonal error.

Joel S. Goldsmith in the Realization of Oneness, chapter 3

In the second class of the One Consciousness II series we are dealing with the following questions: Where is evil located? What is the proper response when you perceive evil or temptation? What is the biggest temptation? What is the nature of evil? Can God help to change discords? How is healing work accomplished?

We use this chapter in the class>

Chapter 3 : get thee hence Satan from realization of Oneness by Joel S. Goldsmith

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Freely given by Acropolis Books

In the first part of the class Wim shares the idea of the transformational process. The difference between entertaining ideas and applying ideas out of trust and reliance. This is a helpful step to transition to because what is being shared is not just an idea to entertain, but a way to see it at work also in your daily affairs. Watch the class here:

At the endo of the class we start a deep meditation. Please join, watch it here:

If you want to listen to the class on your device as a podcast, to stream or download you can do that here: PODCAST

Start preparing for the next class? Next weeks class will be connected to chapter 1 of the book Beyond Words and Thoughts: Towards the Experience, by Joel S. Goldsmith

Download here

Freely given by Acropolis Books


  1. Wim,
    I feel sad that I miss yesterday’s class. Is there a recording I could listen to? I have 2 classes totalling 3 hours right before your class and I want to be sure to make the next one. Because I am jumping from one class to yours, is there an easy way to get to your class to do it?


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