As a response on my previous post I received a letter, see below, of our brothers and sisters from Brazil. I am so grateful, see what happens!! Did you know the following:

Hi,  I hope this email finds you at peace.

My name is Reginaldo Silva, and I am from Brazil, and I have followed your website and Channel since 2016.

In 2017 after the inner spiritual impulse I decided to translate audios for the Joel class. Then I created a Youtube Channel and a website working alone without merchandise.

Today we have more than 300 videos with legends in Portuguese. In Youtube Channel I keep the Joel voice, put some pictures and with legends in Portuguese, here is the address:

In the website I put some important texts of books and the Letters: here is the address

The Infinite Way is growing here in Brazil since 2017, not only because of my work, but we have a Facebook Group with more than 4.000 students, and another Youtube Channel with more than 12.000 subscribers but in this Channel is with voice in Portuguese of the Joel class.

I think something is happening for The Infinite Way this year, especially this month, because it is not a coincidence I received an email from the Acropolis asking for news about the students in Brazil. And now you published a post about languages.

Well, let’s continue to work in the path and beholder what The Spirit does through us.

At peace, in Love,

by Grace,

Reginaldo Silva – reggisbrother