Starting on the second of August 2020 at noon Chicago Time (CDT) a new eight week sequence called: One Consciousness. You are invited!

The Online Healing Classes will have this format. Every week we use a chapter of different books of Joel S. Goldsmith. The chapters are freely given by Acropolis Books as a gift. They are free to download, have a beautiful design and are just beautiful, content wise. It is not that I am sponsored in any way by Acropolis Books, but I love to join in this gift of One Consciousness. Each of us playing our given role to unite the Sonship. Are you joining me in this too?

DOWNLOAD the first chapter here The Thunder of Silence: Chapter 18, “Ye Are the Light”

From every class there will be a video, so you can review what is being shared.

Our first chapter is from the Thunder of Silence, Ye are the light, by Joel S. Goldsmith in the last paragraph you read: We become the light of the world as we bring ourselves to a state of consciousness in which we do not battle the errors of the world, but in which we become completely still and let the Spirit of God nullify and dissolve the pictures of sense. No longer will we struggle with error, but rest, relax, and bear witness to God functioning on earth as in heaven.

Amazingly inspiring if you hear what it says. See here the introduction video:

PLACE Online using easy to use software or app Zoom. Download the Zoom app on your phone/ipad/device to make things easier, then : Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android


TIME On Sundays at NOON CDT (Chicago Daylight saving Time, see for local time)

COST The 8 classes are free of charge. You are welcome to donate!

One Consciousness Classes

Thank you for your support!!