Iwihub.com has been international from the beginning. The ‘visitors’ are coming from 120 (and counting) countries all over the world. Most of the visitors are English speaking. For those that speak French, Iwihub.com started in 2015 to set up a French site called: lavoieinfinie.wordpress.com. In 2018 we started recording video’s in Portuguese and today the translation into Spanish is taking shape. If you resonate with the idea that you want to start translating, please get in touch.

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Iwihub.com est international depuis le début. Les «visiteurs» viennent de 120 pays (et plus encore) du monde entier. La plupart des visiteurs sont anglophones. Pour ceux qui parlent français, Iwihub.com a commencé en 2015 à mettre en place un site français appelé: lavoieinfinie.wordpress.com

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A partir de hoy, comenzamos la traducción al español de cartas auténticas. Lo mantendremos informado cuando los primeros estén listos para ser publicados. Muchas gracias.

We are looking for the one’s that speak Spanish and English to translate Joel’s letters into the Spanish language. Is that something you want to do?Contact us

Línguas portuguesas

Em 2018, começamos a fazer vídeos com a Sdenka. Ela está ensinando a partir do livro: Capítulos esenciales , de Joel S. Goldsmith. Confira o vídeo aqui. Muito obrigado.