In the last online class we shared that the idea of forgiveness is present in Joel Goldsmith’s talks and writings, but maybe not in so many. Well, after some students send their references and I searched the Acropolis Books Search engine it appears to be different. There are 160 chapter references where Joel is writing in relationship with Forgiveness. Here is one beautiful reference from the Thunder of Silence, Chapter 15 from Joel S.Goldsmith.

Over and over again Jesus extols the virtues of forgiveness. Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy … One of the most important lessons for all of us to learn is that there is no room in the spiritual life for the return of evil for evil-there is no room for anything but a life of forgiveness. From the moment of waking in the … That night, however, as I was meditating, all of a sudden the word forgiveness flashed into my mind. The first thought that came to me was, “Am I completely purged? Am I entertaining anything in my thought regarding anyone or … And so I wondered if I had been completely forgiven and purged of any offenses of which I might have been guilty. There is a secret about forgiveness: There is not anything or anybody that can forgive us. Therefore, there is … Just let us suppose for a moment that we could carry on a conversation with God about our faults. We confess our fault and we seek forgiveness, and to all this God says, “What? Forgiveness to do it all over again?” “Oh, no, God, it will never happen again. It couldn’t … Then we can go back again and ask for forgiveness. This time, God says, “I don’t even know who you are any more. I don’t see anything wrong in you to forgive.” That is the true idea of forgiveness. There really is no God to forgive. When the state of consciousness that could be guilty of resentment, anger, jealousy, malice, or whatever it may have been “dies,” there not … If I have, forgiveness is complete; and if I have not, there must be a continual dying until I have realized my Self-completeness in God. I may not be able to praise myself and declare that I am pure, but this much I can do: I can turn and with an open heart forgive every offense that has ever been aimed at me or mine-at me personally, at my family, community, nation, and the world-and entertain a complete and full sense of forgiveness.”

References given by students.

On tape 203 A “How to Heal” he covers it as part of  “basic principles of healing” and calls it I believe a “great law of prayer.”And also says to “purge yourself of negative feelings toward anyone on the face of the earth….” On this tape 203A  he dwells on the subject of forgiveness from around the 12:07 minute mark and goes to around 18:49.

Tape 164A & B again, “Seeking and Recognizing Your Teacher and Teaching.”  At about 123:00 minutes, this is where Joel talks about the “noose” being tightened or loosened in the degree we forgive—or not.

If you know more references that you want to share, please leave them as a comment. Thank you so much!