Now, as we begin to perceive the nature of God as Spirit, we are enabled to perceive the nature of creation as spiritual.  That is when the great secret takes place in your experience, because once you perceive the spiritual nature of your being, you will know that there are no forces operating on you from without.  All forces are operating on your experience from within your own being. No longer are you acted upon by a law external to your consciousness. But you are now acted upon only by the laws of God operating in and through your own consciousness.  Ah, there is the big difference.  

The very moment that you close your eyes – close them now and let us say I… No!  To yourself now – I.  Just to yourself. Everything we do is speechless, faithful.  I. Now that I… do you understand now that I can’t see that I anywhere?  That that is an invisible Being hidden behind your eyes somewhere?  I. Just think of that I within you. I. I. You see, what I can see out here is your form.  I can see your body. I can see your feet. I can see your head. I can see your arms. But I can’t see you.  I can’t see I. That I is something within your being. If you want to open your eyes and look up here, you won’t see me.  You’ll see my form, because I’m hidden way back here, too, where I’m looking out at you. Now, it is in that I within me, that true identity, my true Being, that all the law and power and dominion of God is embodied.  All power is given to me on earth. All dominion is mine of the Father. And it’s all embodied in that I that I have just declared.  

Close your eyes and say it to yourself again.  In that word I which is in you, that is the Son of God.  That is literally the Son of God. That is your spiritual identity, that I.  And God has given that I within you Its dominion, Its power, Its grace, Its beauty, Its harmony, Its joy, Its abundance.  God the Father has imparted to God the Son that I within you, the very living Son of God, all of Its grace, all of Its bounty, all of Its jurisdiction, all of Its power, all of Its government and that within you, that very I, that now governs your outer life.  

And now watch – keep your eyes closed and follow me in this, and see a new meaning for it:

I will never leave you nor forsake you; and think of that I again.  That’s the I. That is the I that will never leave nor forsake you. Yea, if I make my bed in hell, that I is right there with me.  If I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, that I will accompany me. I will be with me until the end of the world; that I that we have just declared there.  That I, the very Son of God, the offspring of God, the immaculately conceived, infinite invisible Son of God, that which has been endowed with power from on high; that I will never leave me or forsake me.  That I will go before me and make the crooked places straight. That I will walk behind me as a rear guard. That I will walk beside me as protection.

That I will be with me as a benediction, as a benediction.

That I Who is in me is a benediction to all who I meet.  When I meet you, the power of God flows through me to you because God has endowed this I of my being, this Sonship with Its grace and power.  When I meet you, I send you the grace of God through this divine, immortal Being within me. As you go about your business, as you go about your household, as you go about your family work, if you will remember that you have that within you that is of God and that God has given it, Its grace, Its joy, Its deepest power, then you, too will be able to say with the Great Master, My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you, but My peace; the peace of God, the spiritual peace.  

Walk up and down this world in the realization that there is a divine grace embodied within that I of you and that this is a blessing to all who you meet.  It is a healing agency. It is a forgiving agency.  

There was once a man who did many fine things on earth and one day, the angel spoke to him and said, “God wants to give you a great boon, a great privilege.  Anything you might desire or pray for – what will it be?” And this man said, “I pray that everyone who walks in the shadow of my body be healed of their afflictions and I pray that my shadow always be behind me so that I do not know who receives this grace.”  So it is with you and so it is with me. God has given us the great boon of His Presence. God has incarnated Itself in our souls so that we are of the household of God. We are children of God and it is this gift of divine Sonship which is a blessing to all whom we meet.  Our very presence is a blessing to all who we meet; not because of any powers of our own; not because of any goodness of our own, but because of the Godhead, which has established Itself in our divine Sonship. “I of my own self can do nothing”, says the Master.  If I bear witness to myself, I bear witness to a lie.  If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie. My doctrine is not mine, but His Who sent me.  I can do all things through this Father within me. And so we say, of my own self I am nothing.  But the Father has incarnated His Son, His divine Sonship in me, so that all who meet me are blessed by the presence of God in me.  My outer affairs are governed by this divine Son within me; that I which I truly Am. I Am that I Am. That I within me announces, manifests and bears witness to the presence of God.  Therefore, this gentle I within me, this is the only law unto my affairs. It is the law of my intelligence. It is the law of my life. It is the law of my love. It is the law of my business.  It is the law of my ability. It is the cement in my relationships with other people on earth. This divine sonship within me is the only law. I am not acted upon by laws of matter. I am not acted upon by laws of mind.  I am not acted upon by laws external to my being. Why? Because God is the only Lawgiver. God is the only Law, and God has planted His law within me. The kingdom of God is within me. The kingdom of all good, of spirit, of life, of truth, of love, is within me.