And therefore, my very presence is a blessing unto you.  Your very presence is a blessing unto me. Our very presence is a blessing unto all those we contact in this world.  And it is for this reason that we carry out into the world, God’s forgiveness of sin, God’s forgiveness of disease, God’s forgiveness of lack and limitation.  Why? Not that we of ourselves are anything, not that we have any grace or power that others haven’t got; but in our recognition of God as the withinness of our being, our recognition of the divine Sonship within us, is the power.  Any man, any woman, any child on the face of the globe, be they Jew or Gentile, bond or free, white or black, may claim divine sonship and in the recognition of divine sonship may be a blessing unto his own affairs and unto the affairs of all those with whom he comes in contact.  

You all have been together in these meetings, in these classes.  Most of you have been in many of them and you have witnessed the divine grace that is in our companionship.  Why? Because we have learned to seek nothing of each other. We have learned to desire nothing that each other has.  We come together with only one purpose. And that is to receive the grace of God by virtue of the fact that where two or more are gathered together in My name, there am I, the divine Sonship in the midst of you.  And as we leave here, do we want anything of man whose breath is in his nostrils? Are we seeking his land or his properties or his money or his wife or his ass, or his sister? No, we seek nothing since we understand that the divine Sonship is a law of supply unto our entire experience.  I carry within me the Multiplier of loaves and fishes. I carry that within me which supplies Moses with manna in the wilderness. I carry within me that which is causes ravens to come bring me food. I carry within me that which Rickenbacker carried into the Pacific when birds came and gave themselves up and water fell from cloudless skies and fish jumped up out of the sea into the boat.  I carry that same grace and so do you. That grace is our divine Sonship which was never born in any month of the calendar, which was never conceived of man or woman, that which is an immaculate conception in the mind and heart and soul of God. The idea of divine Sonship which I am and which you are and which he, she and it is out in this world only awaiting the recognition of mankind. Our recognition of the divinity at the center of our being is the law of Supply unto our existence; the supply of health, the supply of integrity, of loyalty, of fidelity, of justice, of mercy; and no man can hold these from us.  No man can withhold from us justice, mercy. Why not? They don’t have it. We have it at the center of our being through the divinity of our beings, through our divine Sonship. We carry with us our own justice, mercy, kindness and benevolence and gratitude. We seek it of no man in the world, but we offer to share it with all those who seek it of us. I and my Father are One. The place whereon I stand is holy ground because I and my Father are both here. The kingdom of God is within me. Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine, right where thou art. And if by chance thou art now in any prison, in any hell, in any sin or disease or lack or limitation, even so I AM with thee, ready to redeem and restore the years the of the locust.  Ready to forgive, ready to start anew. All of this is within me. All of this is within you. You must recognize that all of this is within your neighbor and your neighbor is your enemy as well as your friend. Your neighbor is those of the far corners of the world. Your neighbor is every man, woman, child on the face of the globe and it is your function as a student of spiritual wisdom to love thy neighbor as thy self; to know the same truth for your neighbor as for yourself. If this truth which I have declared, if this truth to which I have born witness is the truth of me, it is the truth of you. If it is the truth of you, it is the truth of every individual on the face of the globe whether or not they yet recognize it. My recognition of this truth is that which awakens you to the realization of your true identity and of your true being.  I, if I be lifted up, shall draw all men onto my level of consciousness. Therefore, I, if I know this truth about me and about you, I lift you to a level to a consciousness in which you apprehend this truth about yourself. And the moment you begin to declare that this Christhood, this divine Sonship is the truth of your being and that the kingdom of God is within you, then it becomes your duty and your privilege to love your neighbor as yourself by in turn bearing witness to this truth in them.