Now, when you realize that, you are called upon to change your concept of God.  Begin with that. Change your concept. Search yourself in your meditation and ask yourself what is God?  At least, what is God to me? Do I really believe there is a God Who can answer prayer? Do I really believe there is a God that could do more for me than God is doing?  Do I really believe that my sins of omission or commission would stop God from being good? Do I really believe that anything good that I could do would make God add a little bit more to my blessings?  And you’ll find out what finite concept of God you’re entertaining; what erroneous concepts of God you’re entertaining. And that will lead you to the place where ultimately, if it doesn’t make you pull your hair out first, that you will say, “I know and I acknowledge that I do not know what God is.  I do not know what God is. And I must stop trying to find out.”  

And only when you come to that place in Consciousness, where you are willing to stop trying to search out God, find out what God is, and say,

“God, there is no way for little me to find out You; but You can reveal Yourself to me.  And from now on, I am listening. I am receptive within myself to what You may reveal to me of Yourself.  Teach me, God. What is God. Teach me, Father, what art Thou. Who art Thou? Where art Thou? Why art Thou?  How do we attain Thee? My soul panteth after Thee. My heart longeth for Thee. God reveal Thyself.”  

Stop trying up here to think with this finite concept that we entertain, with this finite reasoning ability, how to reason out God.  It couldn’t be done in Isaiah’s day. It can’t be done in this day. No one, by searching, can find out God. But, by giving up the search, by humbly acknowledging within, “God, reveal Thyself.  Reveal Thyself.” Then you’ll begin to see that God will speak in spiritual tongues and you will become aware of what God is. You won’t tell it to another, because you won’t have the language. You won’t have it.  Believe me, if I had the language, I would tell you what God is, but I can’t. I have experienced God. I experience God every day. But the most I can say is, that GOD IS. And God has ways of revealing, not only that GOD IS, but that the kingdom of God is within me; and that the kingdom of God is within you; and that this kingdom is available to you with all of Its presence, with all of its power and with all of Its supreme law and against this God, there are no powers.  But you can’t find that out until you have given up this belief that there are other powers, and in some way, you are going to get God to do something about them. When you once realize God, you will then realize the infinite nature of good. You will then realize why it is that there is no other Presence and there is no other Power; and that not Goliath, and not the lions and not the crucifix could harm you.  

But you only learn that when you learn that neither lions nor temporal power, nor any other power actually is a power.  We have made them powers by accepting them in our thoughts. In and of themselves, they are not powers.  

Now, the first step in this work is the bringing of ourselves.  That’s the difficult thing. You don’t have to worry about God. Don’t be concerned right now with bringing God into your experience or getting rid of your errors.  Don’t be too concerned now with your sins or your diseases or your lacks or limitations. Forget those for awhile. Leave your problems to take care of themselves. But give yourself some periods of inner reflection, that which we call meditation; in which you ponder this idea of God as the Only, as the One.  The One Being. The One Presence. The One Power. The All in All. Ponder this idea of a universe in which there is no error. Think of it. We acknowledge that about heaven and then we forget that, as in heaven, so on earth. God is the same Infinite Power; that there’s no difference between heaven and earth.  Heaven and earth is the same place seen through different eyes. That’s all. Heaven and earth is the same identical place seen through different eyes. Once we see through the spiritual eye, we find that “the heavens declare the glory of God. The earth showeth forth His handiwork.” So the heavens and the earth are all a part of God’s plan, God’s purpose, God’s presence and God’s power.  But that can only be seen and visualized through the spirit, through spiritual awareness.  

Once you begin to perceive God as the only Power, as the only law – let’s take that law.  I love that idea of Law, Law, Law. Why do I love that so much? Because the only thing we’re victims of is really the belief that there are other laws than the laws of God.  We are continuously bowing down to business cycles, economic laws, political laws, medical laws, philosophical laws, theological laws. And all of these aren’t laws at all, they’re beliefs, they’re human beliefs invented by man and then bowed down and either worshiped or feared.  Whereas, we are taught that God is the Law Giver. If God is the Law Giver, there’s only one Law Giver and then there’s only one law. That is the law of Spirit. Now, in every experience of your life, you are being faced with a claim of another law. It may be the law of heredity.  It may be a racial law, religious, national. You’re being faced with medical laws and theological laws, astrological laws.  

Oh, how many people are victims of the belief they were born in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November or December?  Those are terrible months to be born in. We just look at the astrological charts and see how terrible. There are no good months to be born in. They all have evil influences.  Best thing to do is not be born in any month. And that’s possible. That’s possible, if we believe the New Testament, we can be reborn. We can die daily to that humanhood that was born in one of those 12 bad months and we can be re-born of the Spirit.  How can we be reborn of the Spirit? By an activity of our own consciousness. By acknowledging within ourselves that no man on earth is our father. That takes the months right out of this. Oh, sure, there was a month when they were married, a month in which they were conceived.  They were all bad months, too, you know. Oh, yes…the only way we can avoid these months will be to be reborn of the Spirit, because in the Spirit, there is neither time nor space. No man on earth was our father. No woman on earth was our mother. Because we were not only immaculately conceived, but we were immaculately brought forth in the consciousness of our Father and it needed no material mediation, not even a half of a one.