Today some of Joel’s meditations were published on YouTube. There will be more. If you have a chance listen to this too: the Beginning of Meditation, you see it embedded below. Joel starts off like this:

It is inevitable that in our work in this series of meetings, that healings will take place, healings of a physical nature, mental, moral, financial, family, whatever needs to be adjusted, will be adjusted in the experience of those who are open to the activity of the Christ.

Now, we are not here nor do we study or go to God because of a desire to accomplish healing of any nature or improving or reforming of any nature in our work in the Infinite Way, the object, the reason of our being here is, is the unveiling of the Christ the unfoldment of God in individual consciousness. That is why we come together, nothing less than that would be worthy of our work. Our work is founded entirely upon the realization of God and a bringing to individual consciousness the realization of God. It is true because that is the nature of our work that healing naturally follows. I would be an impossibility to find yourself in the Presence of God and find anything missing in an harmonious nature in your experience. And why is that?

“I am come that He might have life and that he might have it abundantly”

Abundantly! So how could you have the Presence of that I the presence of that God and not have life and have life abundantly.

So lovely isn’t it?!

the Beginning of Meditation

See more, a playlist Meditations is created at your convenience:

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