First, you might find this somewhat surprising, but many associate sexuality with the body. It seems rather natural, doesn’t it? And yet, the body is the last level of the expression of true sexuality.

In this excerpt of The Way of Transformation, you come in touch with your experience of yourself. Is direct communication with God possible? Yes it is. Is that communication connected to sexuality? Yes it is. Is it connected to sexuality in the way that I think it is? Probably not.

What is sexuality, then? It is the very force–the creative force–of energy itself. You could say that God, your Creator, is pure sexual energy, since Love radiates at such a pure state of being (I won’t use the word “high” because that creates the perception of a hierarchy), a pure state of vibration, so filled with ecstatic celebration of Its own nature, that Its only function and desire is to create like unto Itself. And what comes forth from That One is Christ. Christ is pure sexual energy. (WOT11.3)

This is happening in you in your communication with God and has not necessarily to do with other bodies. It is the nature of your holy Communion.

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Way Of Transformation, Lesson 11, Question 3 PDF

Excerpt: Two Uses of Time, Chapter 15 A Course In Miracles PDF

The Spirit Of God Dwells Within You, meditation 40 HOW TO HEAL, Joel S. Goldsmith PDF