“It is not possible to transcend what is not wholly loved. Therefore, place the attention on deepening the love of Self, the exploration of the experience that has been called to the consciousness, through the form of dis-ease, of whatever kind”. (excerpt Way of the Heart L.1Q.3)

In this 5th How To Heal class Wim teaches how to look at the idea of bodily symptoms you want to get rid of, to be no longer in your experience. How can this be done? What does it take? By looking deeply what you are actually asking for you discover it’s not just about wanting the form to change. No, we sink deeper into the Within-ness to see that the thing you want so badly to change is not what you are.

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RESOURCES – The texts used in this class are these:

Lesson 294 My body is a wholly neutral thing, from A Course In Miracles

Is Healing Certain? Manual for Teachers ACIM

Question 3 : I understand healing as Jeshua speaks of it in A Course in Miracles, yet what needs to occur for bodily symptoms to no longer be in one’s experience?
Answer as PDF

HOW TO HEAL 40 day meditations, Joel S. Goldsmith