A response to an email today:

Thank you so much for connecting. Beautiful subject. Desire…

You can’t get rid of your desires. So we work with them, uncover them.

If your only desire is experiencing the Love of God, you would experience it. Immediately!!!

Is that your experience? If you hold other desires in your heart they will be made manifest in your daily life. I want to write an inspiring book, I want a beautiful house, I love to have a lot of money… Whatever your desire is. There is nothing wrong with it. You just have to be honest with yourself admitting it to yourself that they are there. And ask yourself the question, is that really, deeply what I want.

Now one more thing. If you would give this all up and come with empty hands to God, and give yourself completely to the Love of God for a moment. Then you would be free of your ideas of what you want etc. And if you do so, whatever is coming back to you, ( your writing etc.)is a gift given to you. You had given it up, but it came back to you. I had the same with my kids, they came back to me after a couple of years. But the relationship or the occupation, or the object now is free, free to be itself, free of my ideas. But I am able now to trust every movement given, every word given, every move given. Enjoying it in all its freedom.

So let me be clear: to be free of your concerns, but completely relying on what is given is so fulfilling, every step is a recognition of the communication in Oneness.

Love always

How to let go of desires?

Someone asked above question. What came to me was:
The desires are there. In every moment you create what you desire, what you want is presented in every moment, in every reflection, in everything you see. Until you really start looking at what you are asking for, nothing can change. But if you start to give your desires to Spirit, something changes. Show me what makes me happy, decide for me, what would be a happy way to hang out today, what should I say and to whom? Etc. Then you are starting to commune with Spirit and to co-create greater joy with Spirit. Then you are not reacting to happenings or things or persons that you think are outside of you, no, you start to create from within,to extend the love that you are.