Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25” Continued
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 215B

 215B Chicago Private _25_

You have to do that, too. You’ll get caught sometimes. Your human sympathy with a child perhaps will make you say, “Poor dear.” But, and it is for that reason that we have the letter of truth. It is for that reason that we have so many books. We can pick up one here and there and catch something and then go back to ponder it. You can listen to a tape. All of a sudden something will come through, and we’ll ponder it. We may even think we were just led to that tape. As a matter of fact, you’d have found the same thing on every one of the tapes, because I don’t believe there are any of the tapes that haven’t got the whole message on them.

Now, it’s true that every tape has some particular thing that may not be in that way on other tapes, but so far as our use is concerned, we will always find a truth on any one of the tapes or in any one of the books upon which we can hinge our contemplative meditation. But, what I want you to see this morning is this. You have no further excuse ever to say what is Truth, or do I understand Truth, or do I know Truth, because that’s all nonsense. You may question sometimes the degree of your realization but no longer can you doubt what is Truth. You know what Truth is. The truth is that we’re dealing with world belief of mental and physical powers and as against that the understanding that Spirit alone is power. “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit.” The battle is not yours. Stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord. See really that Spirit alone is the only power.

Now, as you go into your meditation or treatment or prayer—whatever you call it—for yourself or your patient, that’s what you have to do. You have to state the Truth to yourself. “Now, wait a minute. Do I understand my basis? This is a physical claim, mental, moral, financial, but all they are saying is that there is a power other than Spirit. And, can I believe there is a power other than Spirit? Can I believe there is a power other than God? Can I believe that man whose breath is in his nostril is a power? Can I believe that even legal law is a power? Can I believe that the government is a power? No, I can’t believe anything like that. I can only believe that Spirit is power.” Then, when you settle down into your inner peace, then that feeling comes over you, “I am with you.” It may not say it in those words, but there’ll be that feeling. “I am with you. I am on the scene. There’s no powerful thing. This is my beloved child.” Something will come giving you the assurance.

Only do not ever, do not ever again wonder what is Truth or do I know what Truth is. Do not ever again question yourself about that. It would be no use going out and telling the world we’ve discovered the whole Truth. It wouldn’t believe it. A letter the other day from someone said, “Of course, no teaching has the whole truth.” How ridiculous can a statement be? Actually, every teaching has the whole Truth if you can dig it out and find it, but in this one we’re emphasizing the whole Truth. And, I believe Jesus when he said that you have to become as a little child to be able to accept it, because there’s nothing complicated about it.

Here’s your issue. Are there physical, mental powers? Or, am I alone power? Is the kingdom of God within me? Is the entire power of this universe embodied within me? Has God given me dominion over all that is? That then is the issue. And, that’s the full and complete Truth. Everything else are just the stepping stones leading up to the final revelation. On this side of the battlefield, we have the belief that man whose breath is in his nostrils is a power, bombs are a power, medicines are powers, germs are powers—physical, mental, moral powers over here. And on this side, we have a smile. “Thou couldst have no power, unless it was given thee of God.” “All power is given unto me,” the hymn says. All power is given unto me by virtue of God’s grace. I have dominion over all. I have dominion, the I of my being, which is the I of your being, has dominion over everything.

You see the only reason some of these religious teachings have gone astray is that they have embodied the I, either in Buddha or Jesus, or in somebody else, saints, seers, instead of embodying the power in I, which is the I of me and the I of you. It was the I of them, and it will be the I of all that come to the future in proportion to our recognition of it.

Now, you can never again question the efficacy of this message, because all you have to do to demonstrate and prove it is to set yourself on one side with Spirit as the only power maintaining and sustaining Its own identity and withdrawing from the battle and letting error destroy itself. Let the arm of flesh destroy itself. Sit by and be a beholder.

Question: “I can understand that supply must always flow out from you. It can never flow to you. It seems so clear how to open out ways for the imprisoned splendor to pour forth when dealing with supply. Will you please explain what you said last night that health must flow out from you? I do not understand how one can open out ways for health to flow from you. If a person is bedridden with, for example, arthritis, how can they open out ways for health to flow from her?”

Answer: “Well, I’m glad you asked that question for the simple reason that that is again bringing to a sharp issue something that I have been saying now. Well, it came to a head. I’ve been saying it a long time, but it came to a head in Toledo. Tell me if I’m wrong when the subject of the lecture was self-purification.”

Now, if you think that a bedridden woman with arthritis is ever going to be healed from outside means, you’re absolutely wrong. There’s nothing from without her that entered to defile or make a lie. It was what proceeded out of her mouth that did it. Now, I’m not going to go back to the old type of mental treatment of looking within them for their personal errors, because what proceeded out of her mouth was the universal belief of which she was ignorant and permitted it. And, so I’ll illustrate to you.

If you yourself completely purge yourself every day so that you have—and at our stage remember we must do this—we must spend at least an hour a day with ourselves, because if we don’t, we have nothing to offer the public. You see one of the faults of our students, of all students, is that as soon as they hear a little truth they want to get out on a platform with it. They want to save the world. Everybody else is going to be saved. They haven’t been saved. They’re going to save the world. They’re going to give this away right away. Now, because they’ve got nothing to give, words in the book the other people could have found for themselves.