Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser

1958 Chicago Private “25” Continued
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 215B

 215B Chicago Private _25_

You see that’s purging oneself.  And, your prayers never reach the center of your being until you’re purged.  That’s the whole meaning of the New Testament.  There is neither Greek nor Jew, neither bond nor free.  There’s only One, and we are one in Christ Jesus.  Neither circumcision nor un-circumcision availeth anything.  Any form, ceremony, doctrine of the outer plane is nothing.  It is the circumcision of the heart that is the purging, the purifying, the cleansing, the cutting out of everything unnecessary and unclean of oneself.  Not that you and I are evil, not that she’s evil, but every single one of us is evil in the sense that we have accepted two powers.  If she doesn’t get purged of that, how’s she going to get purged of disease?  You, through your consciousness, may free her, as Jesus freed everybody and then said, “Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.”  In other words, there is only one reason.  This whole morning’s lesson is that.  There’s only one reason why we’re sick—material sense.  We believe in material and mental powers, infection, contagion, this, that, and the other thing, weather, climate.

Now, if material sense makes us ill, the antidote for it is spiritual consciousness or the realization that Spirit alone is power.  If I say that Spirit alone is power and I don’t love God and man, I’m a liar.  So I’m full of rheumatism, or cancer, or consumption, or something else.  So, I have to open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape.  I have to open out a way for forgiveness to flow out from me, prayers to flow out from me for the good and the bad.  Why should I pray only for the moral people on earth?  It’s the other ones who need it most.  Why should I only pray for my supply or your supply?  It’s the poor people who don’t know how to pray who need our prayers most.  Therefore, if I understand the message of Jesus Christ and live by it, if I give my first fruits to God, but remember that I can’t withhold them from my fellow man.  You can’t give to God while withholding from your fellow man.  That’s a lie.  Now, I’m opening out a way.  Now, my whole system is being purged, purified.  Disease can’t, you know disease can’t come to a body.  A body is really a corpse.  It’s just dead matter.  The only thing alive is one’s consciousness, and that’s what governs this body.  Take consciousness away from the body, and the heart can’t function.

Now, it isn’t the body that gives us life.  It is our consciousness that gives life to our body.  Now, what have you in the house?  What have you in your consciousness?  A realization of Spirit alone is power, or a fear of material powers, or a fear of mental powers, or a faith in material powers, and a faith in mental powers.  Well, that’s what you have to be purged of.  You have to draw this issue clearly.  So it is, we don’t condemn a person because they committed adultery.  They didn’t really commit it at all.  That’s nothing but a universal sense, which at that moment they accepted.  There’s no condemnation in that.  That’s ignorance.  Therefore, what do we do?  We forgive ignorance, don’t we?  But, to the individual committing adultery, we have to say, “Go and sin no more.”  Do you see that?  Because that opens it again to every single, same thing that happened before.  So it is, if I say, “Forgive seventy times seven,” and I do it, but the 491st one I don’t do it, well, I’ve got to go back.  I’ve accepted that state of consciousness.

Now, all these people and this is true especially in England.  There is more arthritis in England than all the rest of the world put together.  And I know that, because I’ve been all over the world, and I would say there’s five times, ten times more than any place else.  The reason for it is the climate.  You have the worst climate on the face of the globe so far as health is concerned, and for those who believe in weather or climate as having to do with health, you really have a nasty climate over there.  It doesn’t bother me.  I like the cold weather and the hot, and I like the wet and the dry.  It really doesn’t bother me, but I do know from observation that it’s pretty bad.  So, the result of it is that all of these people who have been told by their doctors that climate and weather does this, they’re all in bed with arthritis and rheumatism.  Well, they’ve seen past generations go to bed with it and so naturally that’s the pattern in their mind; and, of course, they can stand the British climate until they’re 40.  It’s really after that that they’re not strong enough to take it anymore.  I mean that’s all the human belief that’s been poured into them.  Their grandmothers and [grand]fathers had it, their mothers and fathers.  Of course, they’re not going to escape it either.  That’s the pattern in their mind, but if you can bring to them the awareness that these mental beliefs are not power and the material weather isn’t power, but that I am power.  Spirit is power.  God is the only power.  Pretty soon you get them to where there is neither good nor evil in effect.  God is the only cause.  Then, their disease will start to leave the body.  You see that?

Now, the disease never was in the body.  It was in the mind.  Nobody ever gets a disease in the body.  You can only get a disease through taking it in the mind.  A doctor came to me in Boston in the early days of my practice.  He told me that he was practicing on the very next block to my office, told me that I had two or three of his patients that he couldn’t help had come to me and been helped or healed.  And, he was curious, because he had lived in that neighborhood a long time, but he never really believed that those people across the street were doing what they say, but here he saw it.  Could I explain it to him?  “Of course, I can’t explain it to you in a visit, but I can give you enough to carry away with you, at least give you a point of thought to begin with.”

Now, he was sitting in our office, and here’s the window, and here’s the door.  And, this was in winter.  So, I said to him, “Let’s open this window, and let’s open this door, and what’s going to happen to us?”  “Oh, we’re going to catch cold.”  “No, we’re not.  You are, but I’m not.  I’ve left one thing we proved here.  You go across the street there you’ll see there 4,000 people every week, and you won’t find four of them with a cold.  But, you go right across the street to that other church where there’s 2,000, and you’ll see 500 of them with a cold.  That’s the difference.”

“Now, tell me why you are so sure we’ll catch cold.”  “The draft.”  “Yes, where will we catch cold?”  “Well, it could be the chest; it could be the head, lungs.”  “Then, you mean that my lungs know that we’ve opened the door and the window?”  “Lungs, no, they don’t know.”  “My chest knows it?  My head knows it?  My nose knows it?”  “No.”  “Well, how’s my body know that that door and window are open?”  “Oh.”  I said, “Yes, you see my body has to know it.  Now, how does my body know?”  “No, your body doesn’t know.  Your mind knows.”  “Well, you can’t catch cold in the body.  You have to catch cold in the mind.  Now, take that one home and think that one over.”

You see what I’m getting at now?  She can’t have rheumatism in the body, can she?  No, there’s no way of the body knowing what the weather is, or what the climate is, and more especially if you dress properly, the body doesn’t know the difference, and you’re still all at the same temperature.  So, it can’t know anything, but the mind does.  Do you see that?  And, the mind is reacting to impressions, and it’s malpractice it’s called, and those impressions have been given by seeing father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, aunt and uncle, cousins, and so why not me?  You see that?  So, if this lady is to be healed of rheumatism, she’s got to open out a way to overcome the belief that there’s power in either belief or matter.  And, she’ll have to accept in her consciousness the fact that Spirit alone is power but that may not be enough, because it isn’t only that that she’s suffering from—the universal hates, animosities, antagonisms, which she is building up in her system.  Everybody has prejudices, you know, biases, bigotries in the human world, and they’re not their own.  They’re just brought on us.  If you happen to be English, you just don’t like the Germans, or the Japanese, or the Hindus.  If you’re Americans, you probably don’t like the Filipinos or the Cubans.  Each one has their national prejudices and so forth and so on.  We have a man here in Chicago who’s still fighting King George, or he was until recently.  You don’t get those things out of your system.  Do you see?