These blog posts that will follow are like a summary of the class or meditation. A reminder or a celestial prayer. It can be an image, a poem, it can be a sound. It will certainly be an pure expression of Love finding it’s way through form.

The online classes and meditations are stirring up a lot of “stuff”. You are being involved in a transformational course where “the rubber meets the road”!!! After every class there is an after meeting where we meet in the energy that is present and join and share in Oneness. You can be part of it if you participate in the class or meditation. But what I will share in the blogs are principles that we discovered, insights that were given or .. any expression, who knows what.


Get involved. Have the guts to be effected and waste no more time jumping from one path to the other, just choose this and something can happen to you. You might be knocked off your horse, by the pure light of the Love of God. That already happened to me? Then this will still be a good reminder to enter deeply into the humility by Grace.

The only thing that is left to do is adding your joy to it!!!


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