Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.         Photo: Inez Marques

 486A Christ Ascended

Christ Ascended 2/5
1962 Los Angeles Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 486A

And then, something does happen in the experience of those who have asked for help, something tangible on the human plane. I haven’t met any of our students yet that have discovered any more than I have how this spiritual realization becomes tangible on the human plane. To me it is a mystery. I have watched it for more than thirty years and can bear witness to the miracles that take place when this transcendental peace descends upon us, this feeling of oneness with God, or Omnipresence, God Presence.

This likewise must be the attitude of the patient, the student if they would benefit to the utmost from this message. The attitude of a patient or student asking for help or desiring help, whether asking a practitioner for it, or whether attempting to bring it about with their own understanding, the attitude must be, “I am not seeking material benefits.” As a matter of fact, again, the Master’s words: God is Spirit, and God must be worshipped, prayed to in Spirit and in truth.

Think for a moment how this throws away all the ancient concepts of prayer. God is Spirit. Dwell with this for a little while, God is Spirit. What am I expecting of God except something spiritual? If I am expecting anything other than the spiritual, I am praying amiss. God is Spirit. God must be prayed to spiritually, not humanly. Oh no, humanly I need a new automobile; therefore, I’m trying to get it. Humanly I’m ill, and I want to get well. But how many thousands of years have gone by with that kind of nonsensical praying?

So that we must finally accept God is Spirit. And therefore, I am seeking of the Spirit. I’m seeking of the Spirit that which is spiritual. I am seeking of the inner kingdom, My kingdom, the Christ kingdom. And what am I seeking? My peace, the Christ peace, the Christ harmony.

Now, I refer again to the fact that the Hebrews made a terrible mistake in believing that the Messiah was to be a man. The Messiah is not a man. The messiah is the Son of God, and the Son of God dwells in you. Not in time 2,000 years ago, not in space in the Holy Lands. Oh no, oh sure the Christ was there, but the Christ was also before Abraham was. And the Christ will never leave you nor forsake you. Therefore, the Christ is not in time or space. The Christ is the Son of God, and the Son of God, the Spirit of God dwells in you. You only become the child of God when you consciously know that the Son of God dwells in you.

If this becomes clear to you, you are ready to begin your spiritual journey. But you cannot begin, you cannot begin your spiritual journey seriously until you have perceived this point that God is Spirit, therefore the Son of God is not a man in time or space, but that the Son of God is a Spirit that indwells all time and all space. And not only the human world, the animal world, the vegetable world, the mineral world. For indeed, we have recently had more proof that animals are not beasts. There are no beasts. Those that we call beasts and who act beastly in the animal world are but the products that we have set forth into expression, and their nature changes when ours does.

We’ve had experienced lately along this line that really could and would shock the world to know how what the world considers beasts became as gentle as our home pets merely by coming under the influence of one touched with this revelation. Think for a moment.

Perhaps you read in the paper a week or so ago about this man in Illinois about to be executed. An appeal was made to the governor, and in the appeal the attorney said, “This isn’t the man who committed the crime. This is a different man. This is a man with a different consciousness. This is a man with a soul.” And this man’s sentence was commuted. Recently in Hawaii, we had the exact same experience with a man sentenced for life for murder who came under the influence of one of our students and was then brought into court. And the attorney who prosecuted this man and brought about his conviction turned around and became the attorney for this man to get him off. And the reporters at the trial stated in the newspapers, “This is not the man who was originally in this court. This is a man reborn.”

You see, man isn’t evil, and you can take an evil man and bring him under the influence of one who has been touched by this Sonship and watch the change. And you can do it with the animals, the beasts and watch the change. And it is for this reason that the moment you begin to perceive the nature of God, the nature of prayer, and the nature of Christ, your consciousness changes. Now, you cannot change your consciousness but the Truth will, but the Truth will. But you must entertain the Truth.

First of all, yes, it’s a hard saying, there is no such God as the world has been worshipping these last few thousand years. There just is no such God. God is Spirit. God is not a super human that is withholding divine Grace from this earth, and if we just say the right words, or sacrifice, or light candles, or something else that God will give his Grace to this earth. There is no such God. To understand the Truth, you must understand that God is Spirit, that God is not far off, that God is not to be worshipped in holy temples or holy mountains, because the kingdom of God is within you. Until you make this change, and be assured it is a radical one and paying lip service to it will not do it, or affirming will not do it.

It takes a good deal of silent meditation, a good deal of silent wrangling with your own former beliefs, until you reach that place within your own consciousness where you know that God is closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet, and that you can sit there in quietness and in confidence and be assured the kingdom of God is closer to me than breathing; it is where I am. Omnipresence compels God to be where I am, here, within range of my own consciousness. This is a first step. Then, so that you may know that all of God isn’t limited to an individual, please remember that God sent forth his son in His own image and likeness, empowered with His spiritual power, ordained to heal the sick, to comfort, to supply, to forgive the sinner. And then remember this Son of God is incarnated in you, in every you, throughout this globe, the pagan, the atheist, the agnostic, the Christian, the Buddhist, the Vedantist, makes no difference. Why? God is Spirit indivisible, inseparable from Himself, and therefore omnipresent in you, in every you.