Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.         Photo: Inez Marques

pdf-49px 486A Christ Ascended

Christ Ascended 1/5
1962 Los Angeles Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 486A

Good evening.

If I can discover for myself some Law of God, or some way to God, that proves beneficial in my individual experience, I can then share whatever it is that I have learned with someone, someone who may express an interest in what I’ve discovered, and if I’m successful in imparting to them something of the nature of what I have learned, so that they have in turn find that they have brought the Presence, the Power of God into their experience, they in turn can carry the message further, and I by virtue of having imparted the little that I’ve learned immediately find that I know more than I did before.

And so it is that when the message of The Infinite Way became clear to me, and I didn’t know what to do with it except to have the book “The Infinite Way” published, three people came to me for instruction—a mother, father, and son. Then, after them, twelve people came. And now, seventeen years later, as you know, it has circled the globe. Not that it has convinced all those on the globe but that everywhere there are some benefitting by this message.

Now in the same way, if I can impart to you one or more of the specific Principles responsible for this worldwide activity, you can bring those Principles into your individual life and show forth some measure of spiritual fruitage, and then go through the same routine. Someone or other will note the change in your life and will want to know about it, and you will begin to impart what you know and in imparting even the little that you know, you’ll find that now you know twice as much.

It is only in this way that eventually our united effort—that two or more gathered together—are going to find that peace will be established on earth. It will not be merely an interval between wars; it will not be just putting our fleet in mothballs again until time to call them out. If peace is brought to earth spiritually, it will be because a whole, new area of consciousness has been opened; a whole, new principle of life has been revealed.

Let me … take this for a moment. This is, well let me give you two of the scriptural passages that underlie the healing work in the message of The Infinite Way. When I or any of our practitioners undertake healing work, there are two basic principles that must immediately come to light in their consciousness, if they are to have any success. The first one is: My Kingdom is not of this world. And the second one is: My peace give I unto Thee but not as the world giveth.

Now, the reason the practitioner must be clear on these two points is this. In the message of the Master, the Hebrews made the mistake of believing that the Messiah was a man who was come to earth and going to free them from Rome and probably from the Jewish Sanhedrin as well, the organized religion that was oppressing them, taking from them in tithes and sacrifices and gifts much more than it had a right to, more especially considering how little it was giving back.

But the Master made it clear, “My kingdom, yes I’m a king, I have a kingdom, but my kingdom is not of this world.” And in this other passage, he exemplified it, “My peace give I unto you but not as the world giveth.” Now think a moment, when you think of world peace, you’re probably thinking in the same old way that people have been thinking for centuries that there’ll just be no war. And this isn’t peace, nor is it the peace that Christ promised. The peace that Christ promised is a peace that this world cannot give, a peace that is not merely the product of putting up your sword.

So it is you see that if we hope to bring to the world that which we are hoping to bring to you and to me individually—freedom—we must not be thinking in terms of freedom from this pain, freedom from this lack, freedom from this sin. Oh no, here you have the peace that the world can give, but now what am I seeking through spiritual Power, through spiritual Presence. And the answer must be I am seeking the peace that the world cannot give. I’m seeking the kingdom that is not of this world. I’m not thinking in terms of increasing my income, or increasing my business, or increasing my health, or increasing my happiness. My question is: what is this hidden kingdom? What is this unrevealed kingdom that the Master came to reveal? Why did the Master come to earth, or what was the Master’s mission on earth? What is it that enabled him to set up a ministry, which although it has not been fulfilled in 2,000 years, it still dominates the thought of all mankind.

The answer is that even though we do not know what My kingdom, or what My peace is, we know that that is the discovery we must make. No one else has brought a religious concept to the world that so holds men and women, and not only men and women of the Occidental world. You’d surprised the tremendous hold that the message of the Christ has in the Oriental and Asiatic world. Oh no, this is the message, and this is what men and women are striving toward, even though they do not know what it is. There is just an inner conviction that this is the message, this is the way, and the world is going to keep on stumbling until it finds it.

Individually, as a practitioner, if we were to think when called upon for help, how can I reduce this fever, how can I move this sickness, how can I heal this sin, how can I provide supply when there is none, we would all be lost and no help would be received by those who call upon us. The help that is received is in direct proportion to the realization on the part of the practitioner that I’m not seeking to give the peace that the world can give. I’m not seeking to increase the temporal kingdom or temporal power. My function is to reveal the kingdom of God. My function is to reveal My peace, the spiritual peace, the Christ peace. My function is to reveal the Law of God in operation. My function is to reveal Omnipresence.

Now, as we abide in this, especially if we have taken a period for meditation, prayer, or treatment, and inwardly our thought dwells in that direction. And we’ve shut out this world and all of its problems, and we’ve overcome our good humanhood that wants to see that everybody has peace. And we are here within ourselves. My function, the Christ function, is to reveal spiritual harmony, spiritual Grace, an inner kingdom. And this enables us to relax, to feel an inner stillness, quietness, peace, and then comes the experience, and it can only be described as a transcendental experience, because it transcends anything that you can humanly think of, but it leaves us with the feeling of God is on the scene, or all is well.