pdf-49px  466B The Transition to Christhood

1962 Pacific Palisades Special Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

466B – The Transition to Christhood

In other words, we have made an about face and, we are no longer sitting at the feet of the Master. We are now the Master and we are healing the multitudes and freeing the multitudes and feeding and forgiving the multitudes. We are now the Christ Consciousness and we seek nothing for ourselves, because we know that all that the Father hath is already mine and now, our whole life is pouring forth God’s grace to this world, but not in the form of throwing our pearls before swine to be trampled on. We do it silently and secretly. Our praying is done in secret. The Father that seeth in secret will reward openly.

Therefore, we don’t go around blessing our fellow man so that he can see us do it or know that we are doing it. It has to be a secret within ourselves, known only to ourselves and to the Father within. Then, as someone on the outer plane is led to us and asks questions or seeks, we can begin to share with them, and if we’re wise, we’ll do it as the Master said: We’ll give milk to the babes and meat to the adults. We will begin to feed this out, pour this out gently, gently, gently, the milk of the word, until we see that those who have come to us are ready for more and more truth and ultimately, we pour out and give it all to them.

But you see, this life of prayer, such as has been revealed to us in our class work this past week and which is being concluded today, this life of prayer is not the life of prayer that is going to God to get blessings. It is the life of prayer which fits us to be a blessing, so that we come out from under sitting at the feet of the Master forever, and we become the Master who walks up and down the earth silently, secretly saying, “Neither do I judge thee; neither do I condemn thee. Thy sins be forgiven thee. Thou art the temple of God and God is in His holy temple. The peace of God is with you. The presence of God is with you. The omniscience of God is with you. The place where on thou standest is holy ground.”

You are the Master now. You are the Christ Consciousness now. No longer are you a selfhood apart from God, seeking, needing, desiring. Now you are the way, the life, and the truth, and you can only be that as long as you keep it secret. You can only be that as long as you make it a secret relationship between you and your Father until somebody evolves to the extent where you can reveal this to them.

Do you realize that this is about the sixteenth year of Infinite Way classes and that this is the first class in which we have taken the reverse angle of prayer and not used it for our benefit, for our patients or students benefit, but where we have adopted prayer as a way of life in the sense of the out-giving-ness of life, not the in-coming-ness. This is the first time in sixteen years that prayer has been presented as a way of life lived by the Master, the way of life lived as Christ consciousness.

Now that’s always been your goal; you’ve always prayed for: Give me Christ Consciousness. You’ve always prayed, “Oh, that I might receive the Christ.” You’ve always prayed … but this is attaining it; this is accepting it, but you can only accept it by a reversal, not by sitting at the feet of the Master. You can only accept it by saying, “I and the Father are one and all of God’s grace that flows to me will flow out from me, through me, to this world.” This is the only way you really can pray for the world. You can’t pray that peace come on earth, and I’ll tell you why. If peace came on earth tomorrow, there’d be a war the day after. There would have to be because man’s consciousness hasn’t changed. How are you going to have peace on earth while there’s war in consciousness? Do you not see that? All of the peace treaties in the world would be of no avail unless men and women were ready for peace.

It’s the same way. We pray for prosperity and then after we get it, don’t we waste it? Think of the amount of it that is thrown away and then you’d say, “Well, we had it. We didn’t know enough to hold on to it.” There is no use of praying for prosperity until you have the consciousness of what to do with prosperity when you have it. Gain the consciousness first, and then the rest will be added.

So it is, you have prayed for the Christ to enter your soul. As a matter of fact, the new book, The World Is New, is based on that quotation which is in the chapel at Stanford University, selected by Mrs. Stanford, herself: “The world is new to every Soul when Christ has entered in.”

Now are you going to wait forever waiting for Christ to enter in? It won’t happen. It won’t happen. We have been preparing human consciousness all of these years to receive the Christ. Consciousness has been prepared all of these years to accept the truth that I and the Christ are one. Now is the time to accept it. Now is the time to move from being an individual who continues to pray to God for things to being that individual who surrenders that; surrenders even the right to pray in that sense and understands now I and the Father are one. We have united consciously. We have always been one, but now consciously I and the Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine.

Therefore, my life now, is one of bestowal, one of benediction, one of sharing. I’m standing back here now and looking out there, not as a suppliant at the feet of the Master, now sitting at the left and at the right of the Master; co-workers with the Master; disciples of the Master; apostles of the Master; all engaged in the same activity: sharing God’s grace with humanity. And the best way to do it is to pray. It is to pray, “Thy sins be forgiven thee. Father, open their eyes.”

Individual peace will come into your life when you, individually, are ready for it and not before. When you stop taking up the sword of criticism, judgment, condemnation, malpractice, the sword will not be taken up against you. In that moment when you decide to live under grace, under love, judging no man, that is the moment when peace will come into your individual experience and no matter how many bombs fly, no matter how many thousands fall at your left or your right; it will not come nigh thy dwelling place and you will be the means of saving many others who are embodied in your consciousness.

Peace will come to you when peace is established within you; when you establish peace with your fellow man. Prosperity will come to you when you are fit to receive it, spiritual prosperity—when you’re fit to receive it by your giving of the first fruits to God, by your giving of your conscious awareness to mankind, when you become either the master or the disciple or the apostle that is the instrument through which God’s grace flows to mankind. Peace and prosperity will come into your experience, and you will hustle, hasten the day, when it will come to mankind, because mankind is still going to hold to its arrogant nature until there are enough Christ apostles and disciples walking the earth forgiving and praying for the enemy to soften them up.

Ah no, never believe that if they scrap all of the armies, navies, and air forces that this will bring an era of peace on earth because it won’t. I have twice witnessed navies scraped. I have several times seen peace treaties signed. It doesn’t mean a thing. They’re all scraps of paper because behind those scraps of paper there isn’t the intent to keep them. In other words, there isn’t yet the mellowness of love in human consciousness. Once that mellowness comes into human consciousness we won’t need treaties any more than we need one with Canada. We don’t have any peace treaties with Canada and we don’t have any armies and navies at the Canadian border because there has entered the consciousness of that side of the border and this side of the border—the consciousness of peace. Yes, there will be troubles between Canada and the United States for a while. Always in human relationships there comes disturbing elements, but this is not war and it cannot eventuate in war because peace is already established in the consciousness of North Americans. There will not be war.