When you come into the spiritual realm, this is entirely done away with. In the spiritual realm, there is NO power. You may have heard many times about spiritual power or God power, but there isn’t any. There just isn’t any. There isn’t anybody on the face of the globe that can use spiritual power. There isn’t anyone on the face of the globe that ever has been able to use God power. It is an absolute Truth that in Spirit there is no power. God IS and that is all that you can know. But God is not power, except in one sense that God is that which is the substance, the essence, the law, the creative unfolding of all form, the maintaining and sustaining of form. But God is not a power over anything. God is only a power unto Its creation in the sense that God is the creative activity, the substance and the law, which unfolds and maintains and sustains Its creation, but It is never a power over. And God cannot be used. God power cannot be used. No one has ever been able to use it including Jesus Christ who said, “I can of my own self do nothing. The Father doeth the work.” In other words, there is no power that I can use.

In my stillness, in my absence of power, God reveals Itself, and where the Presence of God reveals Itself, there is harmony. There is liberty. God doesn’t create it. God doesn’t bring it. God IS it. The Presence of God is peace. The Presence of God is the health of thy countenance. The Presence of God is thy fortress. The Presence of God is thy food and clothing and raiment. God does not give them. God IS them. And in your stillness and in your silence, God manifests themselves as the very light and life of your being, as the very light unto your feet, as the very Presence that goes before you. God is not a power that you can use. But in the stillness of your mind, God’s Presence is made manifest as infinite harmony, infinite abundance, infinite all-ness. Therefore, with all thy getting, get God’s Presence.

Never seek to use God power. Never seek to use Christ power. Remember Paul, “I live yet not I. Christ liveth my life.” In other words, only in the degree that I can be still and silent can God perform Its wonders through me. God is a wondrous Being that none of us can ever understand. But be assured of this, none of us can ever use God. We can be still and in that stillness, God can use us. God can live through us. God can live in us. God can live as us, but It is God doing it, not we.

This makes the entire difference, the entire difference between success and failure in the spiritual realm. The person who tries to use spiritual power is merely using the power of his own mind because never believe that you can get your hands on God. Never believe that you can use the infinity of God. You can be still. Be still and let. And if you can be still enough or when you can be still enough, God will function as your very being. God will appear as the intelligence of your mind, as the skill of your fingers, as the voice of your throat. It won’t be you using God.

Now, you can use your muscle. I’m bringing you now to a secret. You can use your muscle. You can use your body. And listen to this. You can use your mind. And that’s where you stop. You can’t use Spirit. You can’t use God. Why? Because God is the essence of your being. And there is no “you” separate from God. There is a you separate from your body. There is a you, and remember you would still be you if you had your feet cut off, or your limbs, or your arms. You would still be you. Doctors have removed half of a man’s brain, and the man was still a complete man. He was still “he.” That’s as far as we can go because beyond the body and the mind is only you. There is no you separate from God. Therefore, there is no you to use God, but there is a God to appear as you. There is a God to function as you. There is a God to live as you. This is the meaning of incarnation. This is the meaning of the Master. The Father dwelleth in me—the Father within me. This is Paul the Christ indwelling. The Christ within me that liveth my life because the Christ is my life. God is my life. God is my being. God is the I of me. Therefore, I cannot find a God.

That is why in the spiritual realm there are not two powers. God IS, and that is all. And God is never a power over anything, because God being infinite, there isn’t a God and something. Therefore, there are not two powers. There is but one God. There is but one power. And when you come into the realm of spiritual living, you come into the realm of living by grace. Not by might, nor by power. Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit. There is no might. There is no power in God. There is only the All Spirit, the All Being, the All Life.

To realize this means to be able to sit quietly and realize why it was said that God has given us dominion over all that is in the Earth, and beneath the Earth, and above the Earth. Why has God given us dominion? Because God IS that dominion, and in the silence, not by might, not by power, the battle is not yours. Then you learn there is no battle. All is peace. All is harmony.

In I think it is in the book, “Living the Infinite Way,” the story of the minister who passed on and went to heaven and knocked at the door for admission. And God answered and said, “Who is there?” And the minister said, “I” and then named himself. And God said, “I’m sorry. There is no room in heaven. We’re all full. Come back another time,” which was a strange thing for a minister to hear, feeling himself fully entitled to heaven and qualified to enter. But he went away and pondered and thought. And at another time came back, knocked on the door. God answers, “Who is there?” “I,” and he identifies himself. “Oh, I’m so sorry. Heaven is still full up. No room here. Come back another time.” And the minister went away and evidently remained away for a long time this time. So he came back and knocked, and God said, “Who is there?” The minister answered, “Thou art.” And God said, “Come in. There never was room for me and thee.”

In your consciousness, do not let there be room for God and you, but understand that God lives as you. That God is your life. God is your mind. God is your being and even your body is the temple of God. And then you will understand oneness. And you will understand immortality, and you will understand eternality, and you will understand infinity. And you will know why you are only limited in proportion as you set yourself up as an entity separate from God. No one will ever doubt immortality, once they realize that God constitutes their being. And therefore, we have no need of powers. We have no need of powers, for the I that I am constitutes the all and only power. And it is a spiritual power, so that there are no other powers beside it. Is there any other God beside me? “I know not any,” says Isaiah. Certainly not. God constitutes my being, and I can rest in that word. God constitutes my life, and I can rest in that word.