Speaking of supply, the Master told us, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word.” And so you see that as long as we demonstrate the Word of God, we have infinite supply to live by. But we must be sure that we are demonstrating only the Word of God, not its forms. Let It appear as the forms necessary.

Even though this has been told over and over and over again, it will stand another repetition that in my last business connection before coming into this world, my business was getting worse and worse, until I found it necessary to have a practitioner work for me and help me. And my business grew worse. But I had to have another practitioner, and it grew worse. Before I finished, I had five practitioners and no business.

Do you see that when I went to those practitioners, I had only one thing in mind? And it wasn’t God. It was more business, more orders. And God didn’t understand that language. I was talking in a foreign language. But the very moment that there was no business and I was translated into this very unpractical, spiritual business, the problem of lack disappeared. And I found that the work those practitioners had done was very successful, because supply now came in, but you see it came in, in accord with God’s will, not mine. And in God’s way, not mine. And in God’s time, not mine. But while there was a selfhood apart from God outlining what his demonstration should be and then trying to get God to fulfill it. You ever stop to think of how that must sound. Man whose breath is in his nostril going to God to get God to do something for him and in accord with man’s idea of how it should be done. Ludicrous now. Didn’t seem so funny then.

So we learn that we do not go to God for business. We do not go to God for dollars. We do not go to God for help. We go to God for God. And having God, we have all. We will not have all while we have me and God. “There is not room for me and thee,” says God, “for I have to fill ALL space. I am a jealous God. I fill all space, and there’s no room for aught but me. I, me alone. I am ALL.”

And as we in our spiritual discernment realize this, we can go back to Scripture for reminders. “Son, thou art ever with me. All that I have is thine.” This brings us then to the Master’s statement that “the Father within me doeth the work,” or Paul’s statement, “Christ liveth my life,” or another scriptural statement, “He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world,” or still another, two others, “He performeth that which is given me to do. He perfecteth that which concerneth me.”

Now remember that we are referring in every one of these instances to a he, but we are identifying that “He” as within me. And therefore, we are able to understand the Master when he says, “Thou seeth me, thou seeth the Father that sent me, for I and the Father are one.” Does that make it clearer to you why there is no need to seek for power when this infinite invisible which is our true identity? He performeth that which is given me to do. He goes before me to make the crooked places straight. He perfecteth that which concerneth me. All that from within me.

And look what it does to you. It immediately takes your gaze from out here, and it stops you from believing that there is somebody in this world who can help your demonstration or somebody who can mar your demonstration. It stops you from believing that you need pull, or influence, or that you need something you haven’t got, because you do know that the one thing necessary you have got. He that is within me—the Father within me. The Christ that liveth my life. In other words, there is an invisible something. Call it Christ. Call it God. Call it the Father within. Call it what you like. Call it Divine Mind. Call it the Spirit of God in man. Call it the transcendental consciousness or transcendental presence. Any name, any term you like.

Only realize this. It is invisible. It is infinite. It is closer to you than breathing. If you mount up to heaven, It goes there with you. If you make your bed in hell, you’ll find It there with you. If you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you cannot fear, because It is with you. In other words, the Kingdom of God is within you. You live and move and have your being in God, as God lives also in you.