Our entire work is that this transcendental Presence—that which we call God Consciousness—is the substance of our demonstration. And when we have the substance, we can have it in any form. Just as we have this sheet of paper and if we want men or women or children, we cut the figure, and we have it. Why? Because we have the substance, which is that paper. So it is that when we have the substance, which is God, we have any form and every form necessary to our unfoldment, to our demonstration.

I have noticed this particularly in these years of our travels that the subject of supply is an ever-present one, since there is never a day or a moment of a day when there is not a need for supply in one form or another. And as you travel the world, you’ll find that one of these forms very necessary, very handy is money. Money is one of those very handy forms of supply and more especially when traveling.

And do you know that I have noticed this that as we travel the United States, the money seems to be in dollars. When we’re in England, it seems to be in pounds and schillings, and in Germany, it’s marks. In Switzerland, it’s francs and France it’s francs. Strange isn’t it? How it always takes the form necessary at a particular time and place. Very rarely does anyone give us dollars in Europe, or Asia, or Australia. And very seldom does anyone give us any other currency than dollars in the United States, and why is this? Why is this? It is because supply—God—is Omnipresent, but it appears as the form necessary to the immediate experience. If the need were not money but food, it would appear as food. If the need were transportation, it would be transportation. The idea is take no thought for the form of supply. Take no thought for the form of your demonstration but for the substance, and God is the substance, whether your need is for a high tower, a fortress, or the health of your countenance. God is the necessary essence, substance, the all and all of demonstration, and the form will take care of itself.

Now, this you find has not always been our thought in the metaphysical world in demonstration, and there is a reason for this. And so that leads to a very important subject. When you are thinking in terms of the metaphysical and spiritual approaches to life, you must not think in terms of right or wrong. As long as you are thinking of one of the approaches to Truth that have been given to world by men and women of dedication, you can be assured that you need never think of any of these as being either right or wrong. They represent only differences in consciousness but never a right or a wrong. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of wrong in the metaphysical world. But it means you’ll find very little of this in that part of the metaphysical world that has been presented to the world by men and women of known dedication, spiritual integrity.

The reason for these differing ways of demonstration is the difference in states and stages of consciousness. In the material state of consciousness, where all that we know is material force and material power and material substance, it is never wrong to avail oneself of Materia Medica, surgery, or all of the material helps there are to help, because that is the natural function of those things on the material plane. As you leave that material state of consciousness and come into the mental, you find that you use it first far less of the material remedies, far less of material forces and powers, and more and more of the mental. This does not mean a right and a wrong. This means two different states of consciousness.

Now, the higher you go in the mental realm, the less you will use of the material forces of the world and in time even less of the mental. Because the higher you go in the mental realm, the more it becomes intuitive and instinctive rather than actually mental power. As you leave the mental realm for the spiritual—and these are never synonymous; these are two entirely different states of consciousness—you find that you use less and less of the mental, until, if it is possible to rise high enough, you may use none at all.

That is hardly a likelihood for a long time to come, but of this you may be assured that the further you go in spiritual awareness, the less you will use of mental power. Why? Not because it is a matter of right or wrong, but because it is a matter of different states of consciousness. The answer to that is this. On the material plane, there are always two powers. A greater and a lesser, and you always use the greater power to overcome the lesser.

When the battles of our primitive people were fought with stones, people were pretty nearly equal, until one side discovered a bow and arrow. And that, of course, about wiped out all of those who were limited to the use of throwing stones because now, with bows and arrows, this great power, the great power of bows and arrows was certainly sufficient to wipe out anybody with nothing but a stone.

In time, the spear came and the gun, the rifle, the revolver, and, of course, you all know what happened to the man with the bow and arrow. He isn’t around anymore. The gun, the revolver, the pistol, these all did away with the people who had only bows and arrows. And as you follow this all the way up the line, you will find out that eventually, even the people who had great big naval armament and great big air forces had really nothing when an atomic bomb came around. And so, the man with the atomic bomb stopped cold in its tracks the man who had all of these other things. And so it is, with all of the armament that there is on earth today, the man who sits on top with enough of these atomic weapons, he rides the crest. Always, the principle is that the greater power overcomes the lesser power.

Now, this same thing applies when you get into the mental realm. As soon as you get into the mental realm, it is the person who has the most concentrated power of thought, the person who has the most concentrated ability to handle thought, to manipulate thought, to project thought who has the greatest power, the person who can give the strongest treatment, the person who knows the strongest truths, the person who can sit the longest in treatment. In other words, always again, a great mental power will overcome a weak mental power. In other words, the person of strong mentality is always able to dominate the one of weak mental capacity. And so again you have in the mental realm, as you have in the physical realm, you have two powers, the greater overcoming the lesser.