One of the evils of this world is the desire for security, because it means that if we have a position that we think is going to last forever, we are resting and relying on it, or if we have a certain sum of money or investments or properties, we rest in the faith that it will take care of us forever. If we are looking to our government for our support, we will rest in it, and this is called security. Be assured that all of these props break down some time or other. The greatest thing in the world is insecurity, in the sense of any security that is dependent on something in this world. Then it throws us back onto a reliance of the fresh manna that is to flow from within our own consciousness.

Then we’ll be fed day by day. And if for any reason at all the dollar falls, or the pound, let us not jump out of windows the way they did in the American depression in 1930. Let us not jump out of windows and think the world has come to an end, because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and the same God that provided for us yesterday will provide for us today, if there are no dollars left or no pounds left.
I’m sure some of you know, but have forgotten the fact, that there was a time when it cost as high as a billion pounds to send a letter through the mails from Germany to England. Yes, you had to walk into a post office with a billion pounds in your pocketbook. That is a billion pounds in marks. Why, they were issuing postage stamps in milliarden, that’s the figure above billions. Postage stamps! We who had business in Germany in those days had permission to print our own money from the government, and so the housewives, the wives of the workers would come on Saturday noon and receive their husband’s wages for the week, go out and do their marketing, and come back at six o’clock in the evening and tell us how much they were shy, and then we gave them that much more. Didn’t make any difference! It came off the printing press.

Well, you say, it cannot happen here. But it happened in France. It can happen here. It can happen in the States. It can happen anywhere, because of the very nature of our government. In these days especially, if one of the major governments ever fell, they’d all fall, they’re so interdependent today. But the point is: have we placed our faith in temporal power? Have we placed our faith in governments of men? Golden calf? Or golden guineas? Or golden dollars? Or do we recognize God in the midst of me as mighty? Do we recognize that I am the bread, the meat, the wine, and the water? That I can give you living waters and you’ll never thirst again? I, not somebody external to you; I, the Spirit of God in the midst of you, within your very own consciousness.
So you see why a meditation is sacred and secret. I go into meditation, and I’m consciously aware of a contact with that Spirit within, and then for seventeen years, I can give you these messages day after day after day, not because I know them, but because they flow from the Infinite through my consciousness to you. I can go within and meditate, make my contact, and whatever the need may be to carry this message around the world, it will appear. This is sacred and secret, because to whom do you think I can tell this and have it believed, outside of those who have actually been witnessing it?

We, any of us who have attained some measure of this confidence, can go within and witness the healing of the sick, the overcoming of false appetites, the elimination of poverty and unemployment. Would you want to tell this to some unthinking, spiritually unthinking person? No. No, of course you cannot throw your pearls before swine. You cannot give these pearls to the unprepared thought. This is a secret way of life and a sacred way of life, and yet, one that must be shared.

Ah yes, but shared with those who come seeking it. Certainly we must never turn anyone away from our door, from our spiritual household. But neither must we go out and try to change their religious beliefs, any more than we would appreciate anyone coming to us and trying to change ours. We wish to be left alone, even in our delusion, if that’s what this is, and they wish to be left alone in their delusion. And each of us must respect the rights of the other. Yet, when they come, we must share in the measure of their capacity to carry truth with them.

Again, unless you have an absolute conviction in the nature of God as omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, to the extent that you can settle down within yourself and say, “Prayer does not consist of talking or thinking,” or who by taking thought, can add to his stature one cubit, or make one white hair black? And if you cannot by taking thought do the least of these things, how do you expect to do the greater works? Therefore, take no thought for your life, but be still and know that I in the midst of you am God. And listen then, for that still small voice. When He utters His voice, the earth melteth.

When he utters His voice, when you hear that still small voice, audibly or inaudibly, when you feel that Presence, be assured, the mirage will dissolve itself. And then you will have no right to get up and give a testimony to the fact that you gave a treatment and the ocean disappeared from the desert, or that the city disappeared from the desert, or that the streetcar tracks didn’t come together any more. No, that is only something that will build your ego. You must take it sacredly and secretly that God has been on the field and revealed to you the mirage nature, the illusory nature of the appearance.

Then you have the whole secret of the spiritual healing ministry. It is not becoming great in healing power. It is becoming great in the acceptance of a God, closer than breathing, a God of omniscience, a God of omnipotence, and resting in that truth until you feel sometimes a tap on your shoulder, and then the voice says: Fear not. Fear not. They have only the arm of flesh, nothingness, no power. Fear not, I am with thee. Be still and know that I am God. Not this condition out here. Not this person out here. Not this group of persons out here. Be still and know that I am God. And rest. Rest in that I. Rest in that inner Presence. Rest in the Spirit of God, and let the illusions of sense be dissolved, because there are no evils. There is only an illusory sense projecting pictures. There are no evils. There cannot be evils and God be omnipotence. In fact, there cannot be evils and a God of omnipresence, for where would evil be in the presence of God? Scripture knows enough to tell us that in the presence of God, there is liberty, so there cannot be liberty and bondage.

Here we come to another mystery: Whither shall I flee from thy Spirit. If I mount up to heaven, thou art there. If I make my bed in hell, thou art there. If I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thou art there. Now you see, this universal belief in two powers makes us believe that there are evil conditions, evil persons, evil happenings, evil situations, and it is then that we begin to turn toward God. But God was already there, and the evil wasn’t. And here again, until we develop this inner awareness that even though we are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil, because it is not evil, God is already there, and in the presence of God there is no bondage, no limitation, no evil. And so you see that prayer becomes a developing of an atmosphere and an altitude, an attitude and an altitude, and an atmosphere in which we are praying without ceasing—in other words, abiding consciously in the Word.

We have to wake up with that Word announcing Itself in some form. We have to go to sleep abiding in that Word—consciously. And then we are not sleeping in unconsciousness. That is what we have discovered in the healing ministry. The practitioner who goes to sleep in the consciousness of omnipresence, will be doing healing work through the night, and the reason is this: well, just imagine this—when it is morning here, it is night on the other side of the States. So you may be reaching out for help in the morning, and your practitioner or teacher could be asleep. But remember, if omnipresence is true, you must have the healing at once, even while the practitioner is asleep.

Why? Because it isn’t the consciousness of the practitioner that is asleep, it is only the mind and body. The consciousness never sleeps. It goes right on beating the heart. It goes right on beating every organ of the body. It never sleeps, and it is that consciousness which produces the healing, not the mind or the body of the practitioner. If the practitioner does not go to sleep in the conscious awareness of Omnipresence, of the infinite nature of their own consciousness, then you could reach out to them and find nothing there, and receive no answer. It becomes necessary for everyone on the spiritual path, before they retire at night, to know that the mind and body will now rest, but I will never slumber nor sleep. I will be with thee forever.

And even though Jesus leaves our physical sight, his consciousness is still here where I am. That has never died. That has never gone anywhere. It hasn’t even risen, because it is omnipresence. There is no place for it to rise. It already filled all space and still does. Therefore the consciousness of Jesus Christ, that mind that was in Christ Jesus, is still available to us in this room in the twentieth century.
So it is that the consciousness of your practitioner or teacher, if your practitioner or teacher is rightly taught, then the consciousness of your teacher or practitioner is available to you night or day, and if you should perchance hear that they passed on while your message was on the way to them, don’t believe that that stopped the healing, because their consciousness did not go anywhere. It couldn’t, because it already filled all space. So there is no place for it to go.

This brings us to an experience that happened recently in the presence of an erroneous picture of a very, very severe nature that was instantaneously met when this realization came through: There is no power in heaven or on earth, greater than I Am. There is no power in heaven or on earth, greater than I Am. Here where I Am is that infinity of power, and it makes no difference whether Joel voices that or whether any one of you voices that, it is equally true if you have agreed that I and the Father are one; that the God consciousness and my individual consciousness is one; that the God life and my individual life are one. Son, thou art ever with me, and all the life that I have, and all the power.

Did not God, in Genesis, give man dominion? Therefore, man must have all the God power there is, not of himself, but by virtue of his oneness with the Father, heir of God to all of the heavenly power. Therefore, there is no power in heaven or on earth greater than I am. Then you can rest and go to sleep if you like. But I will never go to sleep, for I never slumber nor sleep.

Then, in your meditation at home tonight, and throughout tomorrow, take the principle of this evening’s class, the nature of God and prayer, and rehearse in your meditation the truth that I is closer to you than breathing. That the nature of that I is omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, and therefore all pictures of sense are illusory pictures, made up of the nature of mirage. Whence came that mirage? From a universal belief in two powers, that which is called the Adamic experience that expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, accepting two powers, good and evil, whereas there is neither good nor evil. There is really only spiritual harmony, spiritual wholeness, spiritual completeness.