There is nothing external to you that is good or evil. Whatever of good or evil it has, you, by accepting universal beliefs, have given it, and you can at any time withdraw it. There is nothing out here good or evil, but thinking makes it so. Not your particular thinking, it’s universal belief which we accept. But just as your practitioner must nullify the belief in sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, so must you nullify that universal belief that there is power in something or someone out here, and must realize that all power is vested in the I that I am, in the spiritual Presence within me, and then, everything out here will reflect back to us good.

You have the example that we have had in class before: there is neither good nor evil in this room. Now whatever there is in this room, we have brought here in our consciousness, so that if there is love, if there is love thy neighbor, if there is sharing, if there is forgiving, we brought it here; we did not find it here in the room. The room was empty.

If any individual comes in here with hate, animosity, jealousy, and all the human attributes, they’re very apt to lose it by virtue of this united consciousness of love. But if not, and they go out and say, “There was no love in that room,” it was only because they didn’t bring the love in with them, and they probably couldn’t find here what they didn’t bring here, because there is only in this room what we have brought to this room.

So regardless of where we go, we carry with us our world internally, and we externalize it. And so if I carry within me the praying without ceasing attitude and atmosphere which is an abiding in this Spirit of God within me as the all power, the all presence, the all wisdom, that is what I am projecting, and that is what you are feeling. Knowing this, it becomes my responsibility not to allow anything else to enter my consciousness. It is a discipline.

That is why the Master said the way is straight and narrow, and few there be that enter. It is a discipline, and there are few that enter, because there are so few willing to take a few years of discipline until they have rebuilt their consciousness, until they have died to their human sense of good and evil and been reborn into the consciousness of oneness.

It becomes necessary for us to work with whichever of these principles strike us forcibly. All of us cannot work with all of these principles. Some of us can only work with one of them for a long, long time. Others may be able to work with two or three. But eventually we have to work with all of them, and in doing this, we are dying daily, and we are being reborn. But do not expect any greater blessings in your outer world than the measure of your own transformation of consciousness, because it cannot be. You cannot have anything on the moving picture screen except that which is on the film, and so you cannot externalize in your life anything other than your state of consciousness. And if by chance you benefit by someone else’s state of consciousness temporarily, the responsibility is still with you, so that you may hold on to those benefits and even increase them.

Thank you, until tomorrow night.