The series ‘Center of Love’, is inspired by the book ‘the Government of Eden by Joel S. Goldsmith. On page 131 of the section ‘Becoming the Center of Love’ we find these words, please let them heal your heart, become the Center of Love:

In my heart, at this instant, I release EVERY individual from criticism, judgment, and condemnation.

In this moment of Spiritual Communion, I have no envy in my heart

I have no desires in my heart, no jealousy, no greed, no lust, no animality

I set this world free, there is nothing it has, that I want

I and the Father are One

Joel S. Goldsmith, The Government of Eden

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Becoming the Center of Love. These meditations are focused on the heart, the release of tension, the healing of your heart, releasing fear to become the Center of Love. We meet on a very intimate, deep level. I set this world free, there is nothing it has, that I want. I release my heart, I release this world and every individual in it.

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WHEN: six times on Sundays at 11am CST (Central Standard Time USA, see for local time) ’till the 13th of December 2020

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