The only reason for our disease is, or sin is, that there is a carnal mind, a something that has its source in the belief in two powers. And the moment you impersonalize the error, you have it three quarters licked. The very moment you agree that the individual, whether it’s yourself or another, that the individual is the very incarnation of God, the very offspring of God, the very Christ of God and that this evil, regardless of its name or nature, is impersonal. It’s of the carnal mind. You have it three quarters licked, and how do you end the other quarter? Did God make a devil? Did God make a mortal mind? Did God give us life and then plan for our death? Did God give us existence and then plan that we walk around diseased? Of course not! God is too pure to behold inequity. God has no pleasure in your dying. Turn ye, repent and live. The very moment that you realize, then, that God never created evil. You have no evil, because there’s no other Creator. There is one Creator in the world—not in the world but of the world. One Creator, one creative Principle, and that’s God. And God looked at all that He made and found it very, very good.

Now, this is the end of Creation, until man came along and invented two powers. And out of this invention of two powers, the belief in two powers, we have all of the sin, and disease, and death on Earth. You can prove it in any five-minute period, although to demonstrate it will take a little longer. You can prove it in this way.

Think of any claim, any appearance, any disease, whether yours or anyone else’s, and see if you can convince yourself that God is Omnipotence, the All-Power. And if you can, now what difference does the disease make? If it isn’t power, why do you care about it? If it isn’t power, why should you concern yourself with it? If it can’t cause your death, why worry about it? If it can’t reduce pain or inflammation, why waste time on it? And all you have to do is sit with it for a little while, and look right at it, and ask yourself: Did God make it? Is there more than one power in this world? Is there more than one power within me? Is there a kingdom of God within me and a kingdom of sin, disease and death? Or is it true that God hath no pleasure in your dying?

And the very moment that you begin to accept God as one Power, you watch the negative powers, the darkness fade away. And this will be in proportion to your realization of one Power, so that you never again try to use Truth over error, never again try to use God over sin, disease, or death. But abide in the Word that God is Spirit, and beside Spirit there are no other powers. Abide in that and watch the healing take place.

But you see it is your abiding it. In other words, it is your meditation and prayer that makes it possible to you. And you will have to pray and meditate, while you’re walking up and down this Earth, regardless of your occupation. You have to have some area of consciousness in which you are realizing Omnipotence, or Omnipresence, or Omniscience, in which you are realizing that since God is Spirit, all Power is spiritual. Since God is Law, all Law must be spiritual. All Law must be God Law. Then you’ll understand why it says, “And fear not what mortal man can do to you.” Fear not what mortal conditions can do to you, because they are not power. They only act as power, while we accept two powers.

It is for this reason that The Infinite Way is a way of life based on prayer and meditation. And it is our prayer and meditation that maintains us or maintains in us an inner stillness, an inner quiet. And you’ll remember that it is in quietness and confidence that you receive your strength, and your peace, and your harmony.